Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Telekinesis-Fact or Fantasy

We always come across people who supposedly do magic and have psychic powers who claim to control object with just their mind power. But is this true, do they really have the powers to influence physical matter? Does mind have control over physical matter? Well science says they cannot and there is no strong evidence supporting this power of mind control over matter.

This power to control or influence physical object with out any known physical force(magnetic, thermal current, air flow etc…) this is called as telekinesis. Tele-distant, kinesis-move, so to move an object from a distance. This is also famous by the name of psychokinesis. That is to move object with the mind power.

As of now there are hundreds of videos available online and most of them are fraud, but surely there are some videos which cannot be proved wrong. So are they evidence for real psycho kinesis. India being a land of mystics and psychics but I have never come through anything that proves that there exists a control of mind over matter. This is surely the belief if you want to then there do exist.

So now do you want to know if you have the powers to influence the matter just by your mind? Well that is not a bad idea because even if we see a real PK event we might to be too skeptic to accept it but if we have experienced it we might believe it. Most of us think that we are psychic to some extent.. well this thought is normal because most of us do believe that we have some kind of mysterious element to ourselves.

There's many sub-classes of Telekinesis

Hydrokinesis ( Water Controlling, Example to Moses' power to bend sea " which is impossible for normal humans " ).

Pyrokinesis ( Fire Controlling ).

Cyrokinesis ( Turning ice into water or water to ice, actually low temperature control ).

Biokinesis ( Changing elements into others " like changing your eye color to another color ) - one of the hardest ability.

Levitate ( A part of main Telekinesis, with this ability you're able to hover things ) - really easy ability when you learn how to spin or move things, can be used easily by practicing Astral projection ( out of body experience ).

Aerokinesis ( Air control ).

Healing ( Controlling body energy ) - One of hardest ability.

Aura Viewing ( Aura is the energy of your body and mind, it will change colors to your mood ).

Telepathy ( Using telepathy for talking with others using mind ) - one of hardest.

Empathy ( Feeling other people's mood and emotion or try to emulate what they're thinking ).

Now do you want to see if you have telekinetic powers?

Here you can see how…


  1. Should meditate before trying, and use psiball to energize yourself and use the same to move objects.
  2. So u need to build a psiball first.
  3. As its name suggests, a psi ball is simply a ball of psi, so the first step is to recognize the flow of psi. Psi is energy.much like the ‘Ki’ of ‘REI-KI’ and Chi energy or Prana whatever name you want you can have. Start by simply doing this: visualize your energy extending down into the earth like the roots of a tree, connecting with its energy. This is known as "grounding." Grounding is used to ensure that you won't absorb too much energy.
  4. Picture some kind of energy entering your body through your feet or from another source like the sun. Visualize the energy entering and filling every part of your body. Some people imagine energy of whatever color coming in to your body when you breath in and going to your hands when you breath out.
  5. When you feel like you have enough energy hold out your hands. You can either hold them like you hold a basketball, you can cup them like you are holding a baseball, or you can even hold out one hand. Do whatever feels natural to you.
  6. Picture a hole appearing in your hand. Picture a trapdoor cover opening and letting the energy flow out of your hand. Imagine a hose in each of your palms slowly emitting psi. It doesn't have to be very fast, or have very much pressure, it just has to naturally flow. If you have done this right, your hands will feel different. When it seems to feel that your hands got heavier or something is pushing on them, push in a little; if there is resistance (even a little) you have a psi ball. You can also recognize that you've done it if you feel warmth or a tingly felling.
  7. Using visualization, compact the psi into a ball in your hand. You can also make it into a cube, or a triangle, or pretty much anything!
  8. Program the psi ball. This comes easier to some people than others. Have a very clear visualization of what you want in your mind. Sometimes it may help to say it in words in your head. The point is make sure your message is very clear. Psi balls can be programmed for pretty much anything. Here it is to move the psiwheel
  9. Let go of your psi ball. If you programmed it, then it should carry out its programming as soon as you let go, but if you made one just to be making a psi ball, then it should naturally dissipate.


  1. Take a square piece of paper about 2.5 in or 6.25 cm and fold it diagonal.
  2. Unfold it and fold diagonal the other way.
  3. Turn the paper over.
  4. Fold it in half.
  5. Unfold it and fold it the other way.
  6. Pinch the X shape you have and voila you made a psi wheel.
  7. balance the psiwheel on a long vertical pin or anything sharper.
  8. now cup your hands at some distance from the psiwheel and send your psiball move the psiwheel. The distance should be about a feet to avoid any thermal current to provide motion to the psiwheel.
  9. visualize or program the psiball to rotate the psiwheel in one direction first and then in the other direction.

Important tips

  1. 1. try to imagine the psi swriling around your arms and into a shape. that helps to keep the swriling motion.
  2. Try making different shapes don’t limit yourself to a ball
  3. Don't get frustrated. Psychic abilities are not something that can be just there at birth for most people, they take time and practice to develop.
  4. This is a ball of energy, and you are in control of it. It has no mind of its own, and it answers to you only.
  5. Don't force the energy. This can result in a serious headache. Let it flow.
  6. Making a psiball visible takes practice and a lot of energy(well I haven’t seen one). Focus on feeling it instead. Don't worry if you can't make one visible if someone asks you to prove it exists.
  7. You can make a psi ball anywhere. You can even make one on a wall. When you do, just don't collect the psi in your hands.
  8. If you feel a temperature change, cover a thermometer with a psiball to verify it's not just all in your head.
  9. You chose what your energy looks like. Some people visualize it as a green fog, other as blue electricity or red lava. The best thing is to chose the first thing that comes in mind when you think about energy.


  1. If you feel too tired, stop.
  2. If you feel sick, stop.
  3. If you get a headache, stop.
  4. Don't make one too hot, at the risk of burning yourself.
  5. Try not to make a psi ball while you are in an extreme emotional state of mind, such as being angry or sad. Psi balls can change from your emotions.
  6. Don't use your psi balls to harm others.
  7. When trying to move the psiwheel set it on a pen or a pencil with the point facing up.
  8. Don't do it in public or you will look freaky.
  9. most important of all close all the doors and windows to avoid any air current to move the wheel for you.

If you are successful, please let me know…

Will come back with more experiments..till then

Take care

Blessed be


Kallu said...

ya it really works.... I tried it....
Live in high spirits...

Chantel said...

Good for people to know.

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