Friday, December 28, 2007

Free masons-america under control Episode 2

My previous post was about how freemasons have inculcated their secret symbols in one dollar bill of America. Today we will see how they used their symbolism (occult and luciferian) in the design of streets of America.

The street design in Washington, D.C., has been laid out in such a manner that certain Luciferic symbols are depicted by the streets. This design was created in 1791, a few years after Freemasonry assumed the leadership of the New World Order, in 1782. In 1791, Pierre Charles L'Enfante(the designer, who was a Freemason), laid out Governmental Center of Washington, D.C., he planned more than just streets, roads, and buildings. He hid certain occultic magical symbols in the layout of U.S. Governmental Center. When these symbols are united they become one large Luciferic, or occultic, symbol.

So what is so luciferic abt the symbols, actually let me explain who was Lucifer and how is he represented in symbols.

Lucifer, which literally translates to the words “light bearer”. This is the same Lucifer as described in bible as the satan, according to bible Lucifer was one of the angels of the god(Yahweh), but he wanted to take over god. He tried to be the god and so the real god of bible cast him down to hell… and from then on Lucifer(satan) is called as the fallen angel. The Lucifer is shown in the symbols as a inverted pentagram….that is two points facing up and the one side of the pentagram showing down….

The Goat head

The Lucifer or Satan or Baphomet

The upper four part of the pentagram represents air, water, fire and earth…and the lower end represents the spirit of Lucifer

Now you can compare it with the map of the Washington D C. in this map the top left location is Dupont circle, top right is the Logan circle and top middle is the Scott circle.

Extreme left of the pentagram is the Washington circle and the extreme right is the Mt. Vernon square. The bottom most point coincides with the white house. So as I have previously said did they wanted the spirit of Lucifer(Satan) to reside in the bottom most point of the pentagram(the white house).

Now one more important revelation, all of the Scott circle, Dupont circle, and Logan circle has six streets coming in and going out from it… so eventually we end up with a 666 on the top of the pentagram.

The square of the freemasonic symbol here starts with the union square and follows the Louisiana Avenue and the other arm being the Washington Avenue. So we have the complete freemason symbol in the Washington layout.

The satellite image of the Washington showing the inverted pentagram, a pentacle, a tau, the Masonic compass and square.

Now the House of temple is located exactly 13 blocks north of Whitehouse.. and forms a tau with the line joining US Capitol and the Lincoln memorial. From the image the Masonic compass is also evident formed of the Jefferson memorial, white house and the US capitol.

Satellite pic of the US Capitol

Look again at the United States Capitol (above). At the extreme Eastern side of the Capitol, you can see two cul-de-sacs which are irregularly shaped. In fact, when you draw a bold black line carefully around these cul-de-sacs, and continue the black line around the Capitol, you get the appearance of a horned owl, with the cul-de-sacs as its ears. This is not accidental, either. This is another way of representing Satan. Freemasonry designed the layout of Washington D.C. they placed the owl there, did you miss the owl in the one dollar bill. Owl is the representation of wisdom goddess Athena.

so now this is getting more clear that the US is controlled by the Brotherhood of Freemasons. And the freemasons are the followers of the Lucifer the alleged rival of god. It is believed that symbols gave power to the follower and so the occult leaders use it to get the power from their god. It is also said that symbols can subconsciously send sublime messages and can have very adverse effect.

There are some more revelations which I will cover in the next few posts.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

freemasons-america under control-Episode 1

Today lets continue the topic of freemasons and illuminati. As I have told there are many websites who precariously believe that our world is headed towards a new world order.
and America is the ground for this activity. So to prove this they have put forth some more than obvious proof. The following are pictures showing the influence of the freemasons over the American government.

Before we start, let us refresh ourselves..
Some important points to remember…

1. Illuminatis took over freemasons.
2. A pyramid with an eye is a freemasonry(actually illuminati ) symbol.
3. The founding fathers of America were freemasons, yes George Washington was a freemason.
4. An owl is a symbol of Satanism(according to some Christians).
5. The aim of freemasonry is “New World Order”.
6. The numbers 2,3,13,33,69,666,911,etc and their variants are related to freemasonry.
7. The pentacle, triangle. Pentagram, hexagram, are satanicsymbols.
8. Freemasons worship Lucifer the satan. They also show erotic symbolism mostly phallic in origin.

This is the Masonic symbol.

These are the pictures from the one dollar bill.

Have you ever thought why there is a pyramid in the one dollar bill of America? Pyramid having no relation to America and still is placed in the dollar because the freemasons are a follower of satan!!. And pyramid is closely related to Satanism, want to know how? Pyramid is the Egyptian way of worshipping or to say it is their temple. And the Egyptian gods or most of the pagan gods were named satanic like the horus, pan, osiris, seth, amon and many others…

And the pyramid has an All seeing eye… the Eye of Horus or the Evil eye. Another satanic symbol, this always remind that you are being watched by the freemasons(there are many analogy to this like the satellite always watching us, like the internet always scrutinizing what we searching and what we doing online… yes nothing is a secret in this global world atleast not the ones done online…).

From the picture you have seen that the pyramid is a satanic symbol, the all seeing eye another satanic symbol, now look at the base of the pyramid, this has a roman number… which counts to 1776.. this is the year the present day illuminati were officially formed. This is also the year America was liberated.

The pyramid has 13 layers of stones… and above the pyramid is the capstone with an eye and light from behind. This symbolizes illumination. Above the pyramid are the words “Annuis Coeptis”, I don’t know the meaning of these words.. but in the internet there are two prominent meanings…
1. With his(lucifers) grace…(used in the context of accomplishment of something…eg, with his grace we completed the project), so “With his(lucifers) grace we bring the “new world order”
2. The other meaning is “Announcing the birth of “…so it is announcing the birth of “new world order”.

The ribbon at the bottom of the pyramid says “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM”, which means “New World Order”, now the “Annuit coeptis novo ordo seclorum” makes a perfect sense.

Now the other part of the picture. This one showing the American eagle. The American eagle in itself is a ancient symbol of phoenix. Phoenix is one of the legendary symbol which represents rising from ashes. That is they have no death. So does the American eagle has no death.

The ribbon in the eagles mouth reads 'E Pluribus Unum’ which means “one out of many”, this is the basic goal of “new world order” to bring the whole world under one government, one religion., using same language and money…

Look for the number 13 in and around eagle. Some of them are
13 leaves in the olive branch
13 bars and stripes in the shield
13 arrows in the right claw
13 letters in the "E Pluribus Unum" on the ribbon
13 stars in the green crest above
32 long feathers on its right wing representing the 32º in Freemasonry
13 granite stones in the Pyramid. (The 13 layers represent the 13 Illuminati bloodlines)
13 letters in Annuit Coeptis.

Looking just above the eagles head you will see 13 pentagrams within a cloud. The pentagrams are arranged in the shape of a hexagram - or greater Seal of Solomon. The hexagram is a powerful tool used by pagans to invoke Satan. It is also the sign of Anti Christ with 6 points, 6 angles and 6 planes (666).

To the sorcerer, the hexagram is a powerful tool to invoke Satan, and is a sign of Antichrist. (6 points, 6 angles, 6 planes – 666)

The eagle replaced the Phoenix in 1841 as the national bird. The Phoenix has been a Brotherhood symbol since ancient Egypt. The Phoenix was adopted by the Founding Fathers (Freemasons) for use on the reverse of the first official seal of the United States after a design proposed by Charles Thompson

To the right of George Washington's portrait on the front of the American Dollar Bill you will see the Seal of the Department of the Treasury of America . It comprises of a key, the scales of justice and a square which is a very important symbol in Freemasonry. If you look at the square you will see 13 holes in it. There are also 39 green dots which surround the square, key and scale. Remember 39(13x3).

There is a small owl just to the left of the "1" which appears on the upper right hand corner of the Dollar Bill.

One more Masonic work….

so thats all for now.. will come again with some other proofs for freemasons taking over america(as believed by many...)

blessed be...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Free masonry

Free masonry is a brotherhood, which believes in one supreme god. This society is supposed to be a secret society, but there are many people on net who think that they know more than what 95% of the freemasons know about there own society. According to some this society is involved in blasphemy and Satan worship, and they control the international government activities. And they are highly active in US government.

So lets see what this society has supposedly done to American government and its symbology. Definition of freemasonry and its working…

  • Free masonry is a religion which is dedicated to Lucifer(Satan or the fallen angel of Christianity).
  • There are two types of freemasons
  • Type1: this kind does not know anything about the actual intentions of freemasons and are dummies, they are themselves misled by the elite freemasons, type 1 comprise the 95% of the fraternity.
  • Type2: this type of free masons are called the Elite free masons, they have dedicated their lives to luciferism (Satan worshipping) and their intentions are to control the world and bring the new world order(the whole world under one government).
  • From this it is obvious that our free masonry has a
    fraternity within a fraternity
    as said by Manly.P.Hall.
  • The reason for the existence of the type 1 masons are to mislead the common public. And the free masonry is moving to wards the new world order as dreamt by the masters of freemasonry.
  • So if some free mason says that freemasonry is not satanic, then he might belong to any of the two type, he really be innocent or he may be pretending to be of the type one.
  • Free masons use symbols to show their supremacy.
  • They control America and the world.
  • No matter who comes to power, the freemasons rule the world.
  • They have complete control on media.
  • The cartoon series and Disney are most important part of their grand plan for new world order(they are spoiling the kids…)
  • Number 11,13,33,69,666, are important for them.
  • They have negotiations with alien(Extra terrestrial) communities and they have frequent visitors.
  • Since they are masons they show their symbols mainly through architecture.
  • Freemasons are occult masters.
  • Any one who is rich or famous is either one of them or is the Satan himself.
  • Freemasons are infiltrated by illuminati.

We will see about the symbology and why these theories have come out….
Till then..
Take care,
Blessed be.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

beast and its beauty

 In my previous posts I have given some theories about the origin of the number(666) and why it was assigned to the beast or anti Christ. There are other interesting theories regarding the antichrist.
One more theory regarding the number of the beast.

In ancient Babylon the people believed the pagan gods and they followed them, these gods were given a number and there were 36 deities and the supreme being the sun(37th ) god. So these gods were given numbers from 1,2,3,4,….36 and the sun was represented by the sum. These gods were assigned some amulets with there number embossed on them, these amulets were equivalent to Indian yantras.

This amulets supposedly provide protections to the owner. These amulets are prepared in a manner that these numbers form a special pattern…

These drawings from photographs taken in 1910, show actual amulets then in the Berlin Museum. They reveal the veneration the ancients had for the sun-god. On the front side of No.1 we see the god of the sun standing on the lion. This indicated the sun's position in the constellation of Leo during the hot days of August. On the back is inscribed "Nachyel," meaning "intelligence of the sun," and in 36 squares are arranged the numerals 1 to 36 (see table 1) in such a way that adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically, and also the two diagonals crossing the square, the total is the same- 111. The sum of the six columns, computed either horizontally or vertically, is 6 x 111, or 666.

The second illustration is also a solar seal, but it honors the star Basilisco, which was the diminutive form of the Greek basileus (king), thus meaning the same as the Latin regulus. Now, Regulus is the only first-magnitude star in the constellation of Leo. The sun and the moon are again clearly seen on this amulet, and on the reverse side is the same arrangement of numerals, with the actual figure given of the total 666.

666 and its beauty

The origin of this number is not entirely clear, although it may be as simple as the number containing the concatenation of one symbol of each type (excluding M=1000 ) in Roman numerals:

DCLXVI=666……(is this the origin..??)

666 is an abundant number, that is the sum of first 36 numbers is 666

It is also the sum of squares of the first seven prime numbers.

This beast number is the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel.

Also (1*1*1*1*1*1)-(2*2*2*2*2*2)+(3*3*3*3*3*3)=666

Another curious identity is that there are exactly two ways to insert "+" signs into the sequence 123456789 to make the sum 666, and exactly one way for the sequence 987654321,


The sum of first 144 digits of pi is 666.


Where phi is totient function.

Will come up with some new interesting posts soon..
Take care
Blessed be…

Friday, November 30, 2007

The golden ratio

After a long time I am writing for my blog, after the post on antichrist was busy working on some secret society and wanted to write about them in this blog. But now dropped the idea of writing about them, due to some ethical reasons…..

I have also told that ill write about 666 in some post, I think my next post will be about 666, but today this post is about the golden mean.

I have always been attracted towards mathematical constants, yes speed off light, gravitational constant..etc.. I read about the golden mean in Da Vinci code by Dan Brown, I was fascinated by the number how can this number occur so frequently in nature. Then it is not the natures addiction for this number but the natural selection process. Before we get into how this number occurs in nature so frequently, we will see, what is golden mean and where it occurs…

Two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio between the sum of those quantities and the larger one is the same as the ratio between the larger one and the smaller. From the diagram it is clear that the golden ratio is (a+b)/a if and only if it is also equal to a/b.

It is represented by phi of greek alphabet. It is also related to golden mean, golden section, divin ratio, divine proportion etc..

This also closely related to fibbonacci series. The fibbonacci series is the sum of previous two numbers of the series, the series starts with 1, the series is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,…

The ratio of the two consecutive numbers in fibbonacci series tends to zero on 1.618034, the inverse of this number is 0.618034. The formula to calculate the phi is (1+ sprt(5))/2.

Another method to find the golden ratio is

  1.  Enter the number one.
  2.  Add one, take its reciprocal
  3.  Add one, take its reciprocal.. continue this to get the accurate golden ratio, phi has no exact value, it is endless….

The value of golden number to 1000th place of its decimal is given here…

1.6180339887 4989484820 4586834365 6381177203 0917980576
2862135448 6227052604 6281890244 9707207204 1893911374
8475408807 5386891752 1266338622 2353693179 3180060766
7263544333 8908659593 9582905638 3226613199 2829026788
0675208766 8925017116 9620703222 1043216269 5486262963
1361443814 9758701220 3408058879 5445474924 6185695364
8644492410 4432077134 4947049565 8467885098 7433944221
2544877066 4780915884 6074998871 2400765217 0575179788
3416625624 9407589069 7040002812 1042762177 1117778053
1531714101 1704666599 1466979873 1761356006 7087480710
1317952368 9427521948 4353056783 0022878569 9782977834
7845878228 9110976250 0302696156 1700250464 3382437764
8610283831 2683303724 2926752631 1653392473 1671112115
8818638513 3162038400 5222165791 2866752946 5490681131
7159934323 5973494985 0904094762 1322298101 7261070596
1164562990 9816290555 2085247903 5240602017 2799747175
3427775927 7862561943 2082750513 1218156285 5122248093
9471234145 1702237358 0577278616 0086883829 5230459264
7878017889 9219902707 7690389532 1968198615 1437803149
9741106926 0886742962 2675756052 3172777520 3536139362..

The golden rectangle is the one whose sides are related to phi. This in simple terms is given as the ratio of the two sides of the rectangle will give the golden ratio, that is if one side is 1 then the other side will be 1.618034…

A golden rectangle has the interesting property that, if you create a new rectangle by swinging the long side around one of its ends to create a new long side, the new rectangle is also golden.

The logarithmic spiral is what we get when we start a curve from one end of the rectangle and draw a quarter circle to the opposite end of the rectangle and then draw another rectangle by swinging the long side.. this swing follows a logarithmic spiral.

In the picture, the yellow line follows a logarithmic spiral.

The relation between the golden ratio and the number of beast(666).

-phi/2=sin666=cos (6*6*6)
this can also be written as

Occurances of golden ratio, golden rectangle, and the golden spiral

1। The proportions of different plant components (numbers of leaves to branches, diameters of geometrical figures inside flowers) are often claimed to show the golden ratio proportion in several species।

2। A rectangle that is one mile long by one kilometer wide is within 1% of a golden rectangle, with a mile being exactly 1।609344 km।

3. It is sometimes claimed that the number of bees in a beehive divided by the
number of drones yields the golden ratio।

4। Great artists like leonardo da vinci, and piet mondrian, salvador dali used this geometric miracle I ntheir works। Someof the famous works based on this number is the Vitruvian man, Monalisa and the sacrament of last supper।

5। The approach of a hawk to its prey। Their sharpest view is at an angle to their direction of flight; this angle is the same as the golden spiral's pitch।

6। The arms of spiral galaxies। Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is believed to have four major spiral arms, each of which is roughly a logarithmic spiral with pitch of about 12 degrees, an unusually small pitch angle for a galaxy such as the Milky Way। In general, arms in spiral galaxies have pitch angles ranging from about 10 to 40 degrees।

7। The arms of tropical cyclones, such as hurricanes।

8. Many biological structures including spider webs and the shells of mollusks.

In the internet you will find many such instances were this sacred geometry occurs.
But why is our nature so obsessed with this number??

First why it occurs in plants
If there are 1.618... leaves per turn it gives flowers or petals the best possible exposure to insects to attract them for pollination or exposure to sunlight. The whole of the plant seems to produce its leaves, flower head petals and then seeds based upon the golden number.

And about the logarithmic spiral
Start with any irregularly shaped two-dimensional figure F0. Expand F0 by a certain factor to get F1, and place F1 next to F0, so that two sides touch. Now expand F1 by the same factor to get F2, and place it next to F1 as before. Repeating this will produce an approximate logarithmic spiral whose pitch is determined by the expansion factor and the angle with which the figures were placed next to each other.

And almost all the above occurances are optimal solutions of their kind, to ask why nature likes this number is like asking why all the heavenly bodies are spherical and not cube or any cylindrical…।

There is nothing mystical about this number but still this number amazes the scientists and artists.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Antichrist

I m back with the Antichrist (666)!!
Yes… keep reading to know how…

For those who not have much idea about the Antichrist (oriental nations don’t have the concept of powerful Satan)…
Antichrist is the opposite of the Jesus Christ, he will come and rise to the power and lead the world to destruction. However in the old testament there are many Antichrist like Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Antiochus Epiphanes etc.. But according to the New Testament there will not be an Antichrist who comes out of nothing, but will be the result of gradual destruction of faith on Christ and church. However many modern people have been accused of being Antichristian. The most famous of them being Napoleon and Adolf Hitler.

In those days it was a common practice to call any one Antichrist who is against the church and against the spirit of Christ. And since Hebrew language don’t have their own numerals each of the letters are associated with a number. It was also a common practice to refer a person with his number for example if some writes “I love the girl whose number is 784” this means that the name of the girl this man loves adds up to 784.

What did Nero had to do with antichrist..

Many of us know the king NERO of the rome by the CD burning software nero.
( this is my fav… ROME was burned by Christians during the rule of King Nero, that is why the CD ROM(E) burning software is name Nero). Nero persecuted the church with vengeance. He executed St.Paul and St.Peter, then he commited suicide, it was believed that Nero will come back to claim his throne and he was one of the greatest antichrist. His name was Caesar Nero and Hebrew transliteration of his name(without vowels.. in Hebrew it is not necessary to write the vowels) is QWSR NRWN which adds upto 666.
So did the church feared the king so much that they feared using his name in public so they might have used his number instead to call him the Anti Christ. Well we might never know the truth.

Is internet the Antichrist

Our internet is filled with enthusiasts who like to create conspiracies. One of the most famous theories on the net is this one.
The Hebrew equivalent of the W is 6 so the WWW literally means 666. the bible says that 666 is the sign of Antichrist and the antichrist will rise to high power(hasn’t the internet risen to great powers?). the bible also says that the people will carry the sign of the Antichrist, don’t we carry cellphones(with internet).

Is bush the Antichrist
This is another conspiracy on the net. Bush is accused of being the Antichrist. You know why? You guessed it right.. his name “George Bush” adds up to 666 in Hebrew. There are other things as well, his symbolism being one. He used the “Il Corduno” the horned hand on many occasions. This sign basically used by rock stars and many powerful people is the symbol of worshipping the satan. There also seems to be a great connection of 6 to his life. He was born on july 6, 1946 this adds to 6 and Bush's first step in attaining world power was achieved on that fateful day Mr. Bush was first elected governor of Texas - his first elected office - on November 8, 1994. Again, just by adding up the digits we get 1+1+8+1+9+9+4 = 33 = 3+3 = 6. Then he was inaugurated as Governor of Texas on January 17, 1995. = 1+1+7+1+9+9+5 = 33 = 3+3 = 6.

After losing the popular vote on November 7, 2000, Bush took his next giant leap towards world domination when he was inaugurated president of the United States on January 20, 2001. 1+2+0+2+0+0+1 = 6. Another six to replace the one he had as Governor. Also the name George Walker Bush adds up to 666.

According to an online poll more than half of the people believe that George Bush is the Antichrist.

What is the relation between pope and the antichrist
The roman numeral addition of the many office of pope leads to 666

John paul ii



-T o t a l-
1 + 60 + 605 = 666

(Vicar of the Son of God) this means in place of the son of god.(equivalent to Christ)

(The Latin kingdom)


(Holy light of God) Vatican refers to itself as the holy light of god.

I would discuss the number 666 in some other post. The number itself needs a lot of discussion.

Finally I would like to add here that in numerology number 6 is not as sinful as said in bible but considered one of the most favorable number.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dark history of Witchcraft

After a long time I am back with a post on witch craft, today the image of a witch or a wizard or the whole of the witchcraft is highly distorted.
Lets see what happened to once popular and highly respected covens….

Witches and wizards are as old as civilization itself… no this is no exaggeration, they were there but their names have been different.
There were the witch doctors of the African countries and the druids of England and Ireland and Ancient Gauls.

The main purpose of these sorcerers were to create harmony between nature and human and give a blissful life to the humans. They all worked for this particular cause.

With the advent of Christianity,
witchcraft was doomed. After 300 AD Christianity started to flourish and by 1000 AD it was the dominant religion in the west. Christianity highly condemned worshipping of nature power like sun, moon, the elementals and other forces and witchcraft is based on the powers of the nature. So anyone who was found worshipping these gods were accused of blasphemy and devil worship and many of the symbols of the witches and pagans were devilized. So this the reason why pentacle once a sacred symbol(still is for many pagans around the world) was portrayed as symbol of the devil.

Many books have been written to how to identify witches and what things they do. Some stories were pure imagination of the author, one such concept which was later universally accepted was that the Satan tortures people and forces them to sign an agreement, according to which the person signing the agreement gets immense magical power which they can use to torture public in turn the Satan will help the person mostly in material aspect. And 1000 yrs back people of the west strongly believed in satans and his powers so they strongly condemned the witches as well not knowing the reality of their craft.

Clearly fraudulent and aberrant, the witch trials were sanctioned during a period of about three centuries. Witch burning occurred sporadically since 1450's. In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII issued an edict, Summis desiderantes affectibus, where he alleged that many men and women were in collusion with the Devil. All Christians were to extend their help to two Dominican monks the Pope placed in charge of fighting people who, in association with Satan, caused diseases, pestilence, harmed harvest and cattle, and perpetrated other heinous crimes. The names of these monks were Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer, also known as Institoris. Sprenger and Kramer wrote Malleus Maleficarum, published in 1486, which codified the charges, interrogation procedures and the means of judicial resolutions for the witchcraft trials. After, in 1517, Luther posted his theses, launching the Protestant-Catholic controversy, the frequency of the trials increased.

The most infamous of the trials was that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Between February 1692 and May 1693, over 150 people were arrested and imprisoned, with even more accused who were not formally pursued by the authorities. The two courts convicted 29 people of the capital felony of witchcraft, 19 of whom (fourteen women, five men) were hanged. One other man, having refused to enter a plea, died under judicial torture to extract one from him, and at least five more of the accused died in prison.

The incident started in Salem Village in 1692, Betty Parris, age 9, and her cousin Abigail Williams, age 11, the daughter and niece (respectively) of Reverend Samuel Parris, began to have fits described as "beyond the power of Epileptic Fits or natural disease to effect," by John Hale, minister in nearby Beverly. The girls screamed, threw things about the room, uttered strange sounds, crawled under furniture, and contorted themselves into peculiar positions, according to the eyewitness accounts. The girls complained of being pinched and pricked with pins. A doctor, could find no physical evidence of any ailment. Other young women in the village began to exhibit similar behaviors.

The first three people accused and arrested for allegedly afflicting Betty Parris, Abigail Williams, 12-year-old Ann Putnam, Jr., and Elizabeth Hubbard were Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba. Tituba, as a slave of a different ethnicity than the Puritans, was an obvious target for accusations. Sarah Good was poor and known to beg for food or shelter from neighbours. Sarah Osburne had married her indentured servant and rarely attended church meetings. All of these women fit the description of the "usual suspects" for witchcraft accusations, and no one stood up for them. These women were brought before the local magistrates on the complaint of witchcraft and interrogated for several days, starting on March 1, 1692, then sent to jail.
Other accusations followed in March: Martha Corey, Dorothy Good (mistakenly called Dorcas Good in her arrest warrant) and Rebecca Nurse in Salem Village, and Rachel Clinton in nearby Ipswich. Martha Corey had voiced scepticism about the credibility of the girls' accusations, drawing attention to herself. The charges against her and Rebecca Nurse greatly concerned the community because Martha Corey was a full covenanted member of the Church in Salem Village, as was Rebecca Nurse in the Church in Salem Town. If such upstanding people could be witches, then anybody could be a witch, and church membership was no protection from accusation. Dorothy Good, the daughter of Sarah Good, was only 4 years old, and when questioned by the magistrates her answers were construed as a confession, implicating her mother.

This led to further accusations and trials and thus the most infamous salem witch trials started. However it is now universally accepted that the girls were not possessed and it has no connection to witchcraft. Then comes the alternate theories, some say that the rev.Paris was not accepted in his community, so he sought the help of his daughter and niece get his position strengthened in the community. Some also say that the girls did this to gain attention. Some medical theories do exist like these girls’ food could have been infected by the fungus “Claviceps purpurea” this fungus couldbe easily found in the bread of those days. This fungus causes the plant disease “Ergot of Rye” and contains precursor used to synthesize the powerful psychedelic drug LSD. However none of them could be proved.
Witch burning stopped around the time of the American (1776) and the French Revolution (1789).

Since now the people of Salem has understood the mistake, they have transformed their city as the witch’s paradise… yes it has the “Salem witch museum”, coffee shops named witches’ Brew, streets names dedicated to witches and their craft. You will also find witch tours and witch landmarks.

If you plan to visit Salem, Massachusetts you can plan your trip 2 day before Halloween and you will find lots of people visiting the city to see the witches’ paradise, you can also watch the theatrical play recreating the Salem trial.

i know that my posts are really long, but that is the scope of the subject.. ill try to reduce the size of the posts..

Blessed be…..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


HAARP the once secret project of US is no longer a secret…
There are many wild imagination about this project..

Like this technology can
• Disrupt human mental processes.
• Jam all global communications systems.
• Change weather patterns over large areas.
• Interfere with wildlife migration patterns.
• Negatively affect your health.
• Unnaturally impact the Earth's upper atmosphere.

According to History channel’s research some of them can be true like the jamming of communication system over a particular region could be possible by this method and migration patterns can also be affected and weather can also be tampered with.. but the present size of the project is not a threat of any kind…

So what actually is this HAARP..

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program…
The project site is near Gakona, Alaska (lat. 62.39ƒ N, long 145.15 W), just West of the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. An environmental impact statement led to permission for an array of up to 180 antennas to be erected. So no worries if the antennas are only 180…

The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) is the primary instrument at HAARP, which is a high-frequency (HF) transmitter system used to temporarily modify the ionosphere. Yes this system works by altering the physical conditions of ionosphere.. we know that ionosphere reflects radio waves, so also absorbs some, so there is a small change in the ionosphere activities.. scientists believe that this change is very small only about some 100th of the solar radiation activity… and is very much equivalent to the variation of the sun’s own radiation… so according to the sources, if HAARP can do any harm, then sun’s natural radiation variation can do more harm…..

Study of this modified volume yields important information for understanding natural ionospheric processes.During active ionospheric research, the signal generated by the transmitter system is delivered to the antenna array, transmitted in an upward direction, and is partially absorbed, at an altitude between 100 to 350 km (depending on operating frequency), in a small volume a few hundred meters thick and a few tens of kilometers in diameter over the site.

The small effects that are produced, however, can be observed with the sensitive scientific instruments installed at the HAARP facility and these observations can provide new information about the dynamics of plasmas and new insight into the processes of solar-terrestrial interactions.

The HAARP site has been constructed in three distinct phases.

The Developmental Prototype (DP) had 18 antenna elements, organized in three columns by six rows. It was fed with a total of 360 kilowatts (KW) combined transmitter output power. The DP transmitted just enough power for the most basic of ionospheric testing.

The Filled Developmental Prototype (FDP) had 48 antenna units arrayed in six columns by eight rows, with 960 KW of transmitter power. It was fairly comparable to other ionospheric heating facilities. This was used for a number of successful scientific experiments and ionospheric exploration campaigns over the years.

The Final IRI (FIRI) will be the final build of the IRI. It has 180 antenna units, organized in 15 columns by 12 rows, yielding a theoretical maximum gain of 31 dB. A total of 3600 KW (3.6 MW) of transmitter power will feed it. The total effective radiated power (ERP) will be 3,981 MW (96 dBW).

HAARP can transmit between 2.8 and 10 MHz. This frequency range lies above the AM radio broadcast band and well below Citizens' Band frequency allocations.

HAARP is only licensed to transmit in certain segments of this frequency range, however.

So what is the purpose for spending so much money on this??

The HAARP project aims to direct a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8-10 MHz region of the HF band, into the ionosphere. The signal may be pulsed or continuous wave. Then effects of the transmission and any recovery period will be examined associated instrumentation, including VHF and UHF radars, HF receivers, and optical cameras.

According to the HAARP team, this will advance the study of basic natural processes that occur in the ionosphere under the natural but much stronger influence of solar interaction, as well as how the natural ionosphere affects radio signals.

This will enable scientists to develop techniques to mitigate these effects in order to improve the reliability and/or performance of communication and navigation systems, which would have a wide range of applications in both the civilian and military sectors.

The project's specifications were developed by the universities, which are continuing to play a major role in the design of future research efforts. There is both military and commercial interest in its outcome, as many communications and navigation systems depend on signals being reflected from the ionosphere or passing through the ionosphere to satellites.

Each summer, HAARP holds a summer-school for visiting students, giving them an opportunity to do research with one of the world's foremost research instruments.

HAARP controversy

Numerous parties have found reasons to suspect that HAARP is more than the government claims it to be. Various theories draw on brain waves, confusion of the ionosphere with the neutral atmosphere, and over-stated claims of HAARP supporters.

Many of the concerns about HAARP have been presented so as to be dismissed as "conspiracy theories" by some, while seen as proof of nefarious governmental plotting by others.

The truth about the research

The critics' views have been rejected by HAARP's defenders, who have pointed out that the amount of energy at the project's disposal is minuscule compared to the colossal energies dumped into the atmosphere by solar radiation and thunderstorms. A University of Alaska, Geophysical Institute scientist has compared HAARP to an "immersion heater in the Yukon River."

It would also be unable to effect any long-lasting changes; as the ionosphere is inherently a chaotically turbulent region, any artificially induced changes would be "swept clean" within seconds or minutes at the most. Ionospheric heating experiments performed at the Arecibo Observatory's ionospheric heater and incoherent scatter radar have shown that no matter how long the ionosphere is modified, it returns to normal within the same period of time.

Ionospheric heating cannot be performed while the sun illuminates the ionosphere for two reasons:Solar UV creates the ionospheric D-region, which absorbs the radio waves used for ionospheric heating.

HAARP's supporters also point to the lack of serious scientific evidence to support some of the more exotic claims being made about HAARP, such as the conjecture that the system caused the 2003 North America blackout or earthquakes.

Most scientists reject the extreme criticism of HAARP as "utter nonsense," especially aeronomers and space-physicists who have a solid understanding of the accusations levelled at HAARP.

Some links

HAARP home page

what HAARP sounds like
right click and select “save target as”

read more here abt the threats

Friday, October 5, 2007


Its been a long time we have sent any probe to the moon….
Now the revolution is back, a number of space agencies are lining up their lunar program.
India is about to launch CHANDRAYAAN I, it has also planned for the CHANDRAYAAN-II , the Japanese space agency is also interested in sending their probe to the moon.

But the actual excitement comes in when you are given an opportunity to land a rover on moon and drive it to a minimum of 500 metres and you can be the winner of $20M.
Yes, Google and X-Prize have come together with this prize.
The major goals are:

1. Softlanding a rover on the moon and it should roam atleast 500 metres, and sends a “mooncast”(hi resolution digital pics and videos… it should be close to one Gigabytes of data)
2. The first prize is $20 M if your rover performs the above said task before any other rover anytime before December 31,2012. after that the prize money decreases to $15M if done before December 31,2014.
3. The second prize is $5 M and other bonus prizes, if your rover roams more than 5000 metres, and discovering water ice on moon, or locating any earthly object on moon,the most “ethnically diverse” team….

There is a large support available for the participants, like

1. Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) of El Segundo, Calif., for example, will give competing teams a 10 percent price reduction on a launch aboard one of its Falcon launch vehicles - identified as "the first preferred launch provider" for the competition in a Google Lunar X Prize.
2. The SETI Institute of Mountain View, Calif., will make available its Allen Telescope Array to serve as a preferred downlink provider for communications from the Moon to Earth at no cost to competing teams.
3. The St. Louis Science Center in Missouri will coordinate a worldwide network of museums and science centers to take part in the contest.
4. The International Space University, based in Strasbourg, France, will conduct international team outreach and also facilitate the formation of a judging committee.
You may wonder,why should they organize such a competition, well according to the organizers, the private space exploration has a great market in the future, the participation from private candidates will ensure the implementation of very low cost methods of space exploration.

The most important part of this prize is the project should be privately funded,(no government support or subsidy is to be obtained)

X prize has already conducted some similar contests, last time it was to send a payload of three person to suborbital level(100 kms above sea level). It was won by Burt Rutan
The other contest going on is to build a super efficient car.
And in genomics, where every patient will have a personalized treatment based on his Genomic profile.(this project is supported by the greatest physicist of our time Dr.Stephen Hawking)

This is not all, don’t mind if you cannot build your own space craft and participate in the competition but you can still be the history maker…
The organization has also launched a LUNAR LEGACY, where you can send you photograph or message or both to moon, which will be taken to the moon by the winning team for a minimal amount of $10.

So if you think you have the necessary team to build the future of tomorrow come forward and claim your prize…

copy and paste the address on the address bar of your browser....

X-Prize – home page

Google lunar prize page

If you can build your own super efficient car,then this page is for you

To review the draft guidelines

To participate for the automotive x-prize

The genomics X-prize- homeoage

Registration form for genomics Xprize

Genomics Xprize competition guidelines

Space Xprize – homepage

To participate in lunar rover space Xprize

To send your photograph and message visit

if u want to participate just let me know at

All the best

Blessed be…

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Columnar Transposition Cipher

This is also named as caesar’s box. This was not used by him but was only named to honor him.
This is one of the simplest of ciphers that has been used. Generally these messages have perfect squared number of letters. For example


This message has 25 letters, now to decode it…
Easiest way is to create a matrix of 5X5 with these letters


Now get the transpositional matrix by changing the rows into columns…


Now write it in a single row…


“Bingo you decoded the message” this was the message…

Now you should have a pretty good idea of how to create your own secret message by using Columnar Transposition Cipher.

But not always the message have perfect squared number of letters…
this is 29 letters… so now the next largest perfect square is 36 so create a matrix of 6 X 6.


So now the encoded message is

Try to decode this



Hint: try rectangular matrices as well….

Blessed be…

Codes and Ciphers

I have always been fascinated by secret messages and deciphering these message. When I was 12 years old I used to play games sending messages written in invisible ink.
This all started when I was watching Chandrakanta, one of the most watched television series on Doordarshan ( Uttar Pradesh board exams had one question from this series, well I don’t remember the year, may be 12 yrs back).

The king (Pankaj dheer) in the series accidentally picks a parchment in the bedroom, which was meant for her wife. The parchment has nothing written on it, but ironically the parchment flies to the fireplace and words surfaces on the parchment. This parchment was written with citric acid from the lemon. The first time I tried this with the extracts from onion, then with lemon, they all worked but most of the time, I burned the papers because I didn’t had any other means of heating the paper except for fire. Later I discussed this with my science teacher and she asked me to try it with a hair drier. It really works well….

You may think, why am I talking about invisible ink and stuff in codes and ciphers, well they are all interconnected. The main aim was to send message to other person, without revealing the content to anyone else.

In olden days in the Greek and Roman countries, the literate people used to send written message, it was in itself a hidden message because most of the people were illiterate but what about hiding it from the literate ones? Then they came up with different methods.
They created hieroglyphic messages understandable only to sender and the receiver.

Hieroglyphs are symbolic representation of anything. The ancient Egyptian languages are hieroglyphic, there are hieroglyphs in the pyramids and the Mayan buildings. When people started understanding hieroglyphs, the elite people created coded messages.

Some of them are columnar transposition cipher, commonly known as caeser’s box ( It wasn’t created by caeser, but to honor one of the first people on earth to use coded message was it named that way). The other methods are vigenere cipher and the tricode and lot more.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

We have always been fascinated by Aliens and their civilizations.. but what if they never exist??
Both the thoughts are frightening..
If they are reality, then are they really visiting us?? Why are they visiting us??
If not then are we alone in this infinite space??
Description of visitors from heaven exist all along the human race..
In history they were named “Angels” and “Demons” and now they called aliens.

Well SETI was formed to find any alien civilizations present out there…but is not yet successful and if you(conspiracy lovers) think that even if they find any proof, the US government will try to hush the discovery. Then you should know one thing that the SETI is mostly sponsored by private people and the involvement of government is almost absent. And the news like this would spread like fire in the forest. These news makes good headlines.

Now about SETI, SETI stands for Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. However they don’t look for extra terrestrials with cameras out focused in the sky, but search for radio signals in distant stars. They have a network of telescopes searching for the extra terrestrial radio signals. The largest being the Arecibo radio telescope.

The Arecibo Radio Telescope

The huge "dish" is 305 m (1000 feet) in diameter, 167 feet deep, and covers an area of about twenty acres. The surface is made of almost 40,000 perforated aluminum panels, each measuring about 3 feet by 6 feet, supported by a network of steel cables strung across the underlying karst sinkhole.

Suspended 450 feet above the reflector is the 900 ton platform. Similar in design to a bridge, it hangs in midair on eighteen cables, which are strung from three reinforced concrete towers. One is 365 feet high, and the other two are 265 feet high, trooly an engineering marvel…

In our Galaxy it detects the faint pulses emitted hundreds of times per second from pulsars. And from the farthest reaches of the Universe quasars and galaxies emit radio waves which arrive at earth 100 million years later as signals so weak that they can only be detected by a giant eye like this one.

The giant size of the reflector is what makes the Arecibo Observatory so special to scientists. It is the largest curved focusing antenna on the planet, which means it is the world's most sensitive radio telescope. Other radio telescopes may require several hours observing a given radio source to collect enough energy for analysis whereas at Arecibo this may require just a few minutes of observation.

The SETI researchers themselves have adopted an informal protocol that
outlines actions to be taken by the discoverers, if at all they find any signal. This protocol, A Declaration of Principles Concerning Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

As per the declaration the discovery should be thoroughly analysed for its being from alien civilization and then the news should be rapidly spread to astronomical community so they can personally verify the authenticity of the discovery. Then the news would go to the local government and then to the public.

Now about communications, I myself personally don’t think that we would be able to actually communicate with the aliens. I doubt if they are really so developed to send signals for other civilizations. If at all they send radio signals then we don’t need large radio telescopes as in Arecibo, even a small transceiver will do the job.

But the SETI is actually not searching for intentional radio signals but ones produced unintentionally, like radio communications among the ET civilization or radio traces of their spacecrafts.
SETI is not only receiving signals but also have sent some to the so called alien civilization. Here is the piece of message sent to the ETs…

Now can you decode this.. well I don’t really understand what they mean, if the alien civilizations have dumb people like me then most probably will not understand what this means…
If at all there is any life on alien planets then they would have life as simple as the extremophiles. But again the universe is really vast and if the randomness increases so is the chances of an order coming out of the chaos increases (chaos theory). That is since our universe is really vast there is a great chance that somewhere some civilization would have developed in these 10 billion years. And also if they have started a long back and did not had so much of catastrophic events as on earth, they could possibly be eons ahead of us… but then the physical distance that separates us from these civilizations leave us paralyzed, cause whatever radio signals you get from a civilization 1000 light years away from us are 1000 yrs older and if you want to send a message it will take another 1000 yrs to reach them and if they respond back it would take another thousand years. The only chance is if they have started colonizing the other planets or if they are wandering in search of life forms other than theirs, they could end up here….

I end up with an affirmative outlook, someday we will find some alien life form(not necessarily intelligent)…..

blessed be....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

some probable answers and why they are not the answers

some of the questions from the previous post..
let us ask some questions..

1. why is that there is no solid proof for the existence of aliens?

2. why is there no clear photo of aliens?

3. why all the aliens look like the same ugly green people shown in some movies?

4. if they all belong to the same planet, then they should have similar saucers, but we have different types of saucers visiting our planet

5. there is no proof of existence of intelligent beings on any of the planet of our solar system, then where they come from?

6. if they can bend time and space, then why they come to our planet?

7. how do you think, we can communicate?

8. why should they communicate to us?

9. effect of gravity on these ETs?

10.Solar rays and its effects.?

11.effect of atmosphere?

Here are some of the most probable answer, we can get for these questions…

1. the government is classifying the data…

May be the U.S is trying to hide it from the people, but what about france, brazil, and other countries like India which had so called visitations in the last few years

2. I don’t think there could be any explanation for this…

3. Because, it is always the same alien, visiting us…

So if it is the same species of alien visiting us… then why they come in different types of space ships…

4. again, I don’t find any good explanation for this..

5. they come from distant stars…

well it takes almost 4.4 years for the light to travel from the nearest star to our planet. So there may be aliens in some planet some billions of light years from here, so if they travel with the maximum speed, it would take almost a billion year to reach here…
the other possibility is space time warp, it can be proved scientifically that space time warps do exist, but to create them?? I have no idea…
if at all they are so advanced to create space warps, then why should they want to communicate with us??

6. to share the knowledge they have…

let us consider an analogy..
if you are building a high way, will u care about discussing about the high way to the colony of ants living by the side…
will you try to explain a chimp, what is nuclear fusion and how it can benefit the animal kingdom….

7. they will communicate in the universal language…

well is there any universal language??
Is zeros and ones comprise the universal language…
Who said that this is the universal language..
Let us try to communicate with the animals of our planet with this universal language..
Actually elephants, dolphins, whales have highly evolved communication system.
There is this humpback whales, whose communication is far superior than humans, in a way that they can create many variety of sound.
If humans were to be given scores for the complexity we will have a complexity of 7, and these humpback whales have a complexity of 9.

8. because, we are the species which can be easily communicated…
are we really the easily communicable species??
What if the sound created by these aliens are ultrasonic.. will it not attract other animals like owl and bats than us?
What if they communicated by changing the IR temperature of their body??

9. they will not have any effect..
they will not have any effect of gravity only if they are from planet with similar gravitational field as that of ours. Whose chances are really low..

10. the sun’s rays can be highly dangerous to the aliens…
if they are not prone to UV rays and IR rays, they could be harmful.

11. the atmospheric content of nitrogen and oxygen or carbon dioxide or anything in our atmosphere could be poisonous to this species. There has never been a sighting of aliens with suits to protect them from the sun’s rays and atmosphere…

and some other reasons
as Harish said
There are two curious things about these ETs and UFOs. Firstly, most of them have been observed in the West and there are hardly any reports in the developing world. Secondly, most reports are post-Star Wars. This has led some people to conclude that perhaps the whole thing is about fertile imaginations indulging in too much sci-fi and getting these grandiose illusions.

think well before getting into any conclusion...

if you think that there are also other reasons why intelligent ET's have never visited our planet, please do leave them in the comment or mail me at

or if you have any other explanations for the questions please do let me know...

blessed be...

ETs and why they are not what u think they are

Hello people,
Im back after a long time..
Today I felt, I should discuss about UFO’S, however, if you have read my previous blog on Extremophiles and ET, the you would know that I believe in that if at all there are ETs Then they could only be something like these extremophiles. If you haven’t read it read it here…

let us ask some questions..

1. why is that there is no solid proof for the existence of aliens?

2. why is there no clear photo of aliens?

3. why all the aliens look like the same ugly green people shown in some movies?

4. if they all belong to the same planet, then they should have similar saucers, but we have different types of saucers visiting our planet

5. there is no proof of existence of intelligent beings on any of the planet of our solar system, then where they come from?

6. if they can bend time and space, then why they come to our planet?

7. how do you think, we can communicate?

8. why should they communicate to us?

9. effect of gravity on these ETs?

10.Solar rays and its effects.?

11.effect of atmosphere?

Will come up soon with some probable answer and explaining why they cannot be the answer…

Blessed be…

Please do leave your comments….

Thursday, August 9, 2007


today i was planning to post about Astral travel but felt an urge to write about the LSD.

many of you would have heard about it, because it is one of the hottest topic on the net.LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide, this is a hallucinogen, a psychedelic drug... the term psychedelik was termed after creating this drug, so this drug can be coinsidered the mother of all psychedelic drugs. i think this is the only drug in the human history which has pulled so much attention towards wats odd about this drug...actually speaking there is nothing normal about this drug....this drug was created by Albert Hoffman at the sandoz lab... he accidentally tasted it and was on the Acid trip...

this drug mainly creates a profound distortions in a person’s perception of reality.LSD cause their effects by disrupting the interaction of nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin.well the CIA was the most interested in this drug during the cold war. the reason is this drug was believed to change the personality of a person and a lot tests were conducted in this regard. CIA even got a sanctioned project name for this tests...MKULTRA....

MK-ULTRA was a CIA "mind-control" project backed up by the usual Cold War rationale. Because the Soviets were supposedly on the track of a "truth serum," the CIA set out to beat them to the punch with heavily- funded research into hypnosis, electroshock, mind-bending drugs, and other techniques of behavioral control. According to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, MK-ULTRA's resident Dr. Strangelove, the CIA's grail was discovering how "to modify an individual's behavior by covert means." But Gottlieb's gray language disguises what this quest meant in practice: e.g., dosing unwitting subjects with LSD, and then standing back to watch them lose it. MK-ULTRA compromised scientists, and left behind both scrambled psyches and a full- blown counterculture -- all without adding to our real knowledge of the human mind.

CIA also tried to covertly add some LSD in the cocktail of Fidel Castro to kill him, for that he said" if there was an Olympics for escaping assassinations, i would win the gold medal"

Conceived by Richard Helms of the Clandestine Services Department (yes, the CIA actually gives its departments silly names like that), it went beyond the construction of mere truth serums and ventured into disinformation, induction of temporary insanity, and other chemically-aided states. The director of MK-ULTRA, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, figured LSD's potential as an interrogative agent paled in comparison to its capacity to publicly humiliate. the CIA imagined a tripping public figure might be amusing, producing a memo that says giving acid "to high officials would be a relatively simple matter and could have a significant effect at key meetings, speeches, etc." But they knew that giving LSD to people in the lab was a lot different than just passing it out, and felt the department did not have an adequate grasp on its effects.
The target never knew when his turn would come, but as soon as the drug was ingested a ... colleague would tell him so he could make the necessary preparations (which usually meant taking the rest of the day off). Initially the leaders of MK-ULTRA restricted the surprise acid tests to [their own] members, but when this phase had run its course they started dosing other Agency personnel who had never tripped before. Nearly everyone was fair game, and surprise acid trips became something of an occupational hazard among CIA operatives.... The Office of Security felt that [MK-ULTRA] should have exercised better judgment in dealing with such a powerful and dangerous chemical. The straw that broke the camel's back came when a Security informant got wind of a plan by a few [MK-ULTRA] jokers to put LSD in the punch served at the annual CIA Christmas office party ... a Security memo writer... concluded indignantly and unequivocally that he did 'not recommend testing in the Christmas punch bowls usually present at the Christmas office parties.'

The in-house testing phase now over, MK-ULTRA decided to use the drug surreptitiously in the street to gauge its effects. They contract-hired a narcotics officer, to set up Operation Midnight Climax, "in which drug-addicted prostitutes were hired to pick up men from local bars and bring them back to a CIA-financed bordello. Unknowing customers were treated to drinks laced with LSD while White sat on a portable toilet behind two-way mirrors, sipping martinis and watching every stoned and kinky moment."

but there were people who felt that LSD can be used for good of the people, they thought that LSD gave a spiritual experience they never had, according to them the drug gave a different understanding of the working of the human mind and a different perspective of the world.a number of cults were started after these drugs and many future gurus and priests were born of tis drug. this started a cult in America, the revolution in 1960's... the youth came to road to protest against the government, they felt that there was something fundamentally wrong wioth the world, the famous hindi song "hare krishna hare rama" depicts zeenath aman as one of these psychedelic drug adict, but the portrayal was not so good.these had great passion for love for unity, they protested against the Vietnam war. they believed in flower power, they were called the hippies, they had a different spiritual perception of the world.

even today these drugs are available, and are used in some spiritual celebrations of certain cults to attain the required state of mind.

LSD can be considered a boon as well as a bane, in good hands it could have been used in a proper way to bring the common public close to the spiritual experience but in bad hands can be used to erase a person's Mind and create a new personality or perform some covert operation in hypnotic state.

If u want to get them, these are the few names of these drugs used in streets in America...
acid,boomers,yellow sunshine,Back breaker,Battery acid,Doses,Dots,Elvis,Loony toons,Lucy in the sky with diamonds,Pane,Superman,Window pane,Zen. they can be used to have a spiritual experience.... they are odourless, tasteless, colorless.....but high doses are lethal....

suggestions and corrections are welcome.
take care...
blessed be...
may the flower power come again...

Monday, August 6, 2007

Extremophile... the ETs

Long back I read about these strangecreatures. They are called Extremophiles…

There has been a lot of speculation on whether there are any Extra Terrestrials…
Many skeptics say that the chance of existence of any living being in other planets are slimmest, because of the temperature and pressure and most important the lack of water on these planets…

To solve this problem lets take this analogy…
Just because mr. x is vegetarian he should not assume that his neighbor must also be a vegetarian…..
We have been evolved to suite the conditions on earth, if we were born on some other planet we would have evolved with different need and molecular structure….
May be our extremophile may answer our quest on ET…

The wikipedia classifies extremophiles in the following order.

These are organism which live in high acidic conditions, as high as pH of 2…
To remind you that pH 7 is neutral and it is varies in a logarithmic scale. It means pH 2 is 1000 times more acidic than pH 3.
The acidity of the Ph 2 solution is equal to the acidity of gastric acid or a very strong lemonade… the pH of your cola is 2.5. That I believe is really extreme condition.

They are just opposite to acidophile. These organisms are found in alkalinity of pH 9 to 11. Your soap has alkalinity of 9 and the house hold ammonia has a pH of 11.5.

Barophiles are bacteria which live in high pressure environments. They are generally found on ocean floors, where pressure generally exceeds 380 atm (38 MPa). Some have been found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where the maximum pressure is roughly 117 MPa. Now 117 Mpa is equivalent to 11700000 kg of weight distributed equally on one metre squared area or 1170 kg of weight acting on a square area whose sides are 1cm long.
Obligate barophiles cannot survive outside of such environments. For example, the Halomonas species Halomonas salaria requires a pressure of 1000 atm (100 MPa) and a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius. Barotolerant bacteria are able to survive at high pressures, but can exist in less extreme environments as well.
Barophiles grow in darkness, and so are very uv sensitive, they lack many mechanisms of DNA repair.

An endolith or cryptoendolith is an organism (archaea, bacterium, or fungus) that lives inside rock, coral, animal shells, or in the pores between mineral grains. Many are extremophiles; living in places previously thought inhospitable to life. They are of particular interest to astrobiologists, who theorize that endolithic environments on Mars and other planets constitute potential refugia for extraterrestrial microbial communities.

Halophiles are extremophiles that thrive in environments with very high concentrations of salt (at least 2 M, approximately ten times the salt level of ocean water). The name comes from Greek for "salt-loving". Some well-known species give off a red color due to the carotenoid compounds. These species contain the photosynthetic pigment bacteriorhodopsin. Organisms are categorized either slight, moderate or extreme, by the extent of their halotolerance.

A hyperthermophile is an organism that thrives in extremely hot environments — that is, hotter than around 60 °C, with an optimal temperature above 80 °C. The most heat-tolerant hyperthermophile is the recently-discovered Strain 121 which has been able to double its population during 24 hours in an autoclave at 121 °C (hence its name). Many hyperthermophiles are also able to withstand other environmental extremes such as high acidity or radiation levels.
Although no hyperthermophile has yet been discovered living at temperatures above 121 °C, their existence is very possible (Strain 121 survived being heated to 130 °C for 2 hours, but was not able to reproduce until it had been transferred into a fresh growth medium, at a relatively-cooler 103°C). However, it is thought unlikely that microbes could survive at temperatures above 150° C, as the cohesion of DNA and other vital molecules begins to break down at this point.

In Arctic and Antarctic ecology, a hypolith is a photosynthetic organism that lives underneath rocks in climatically extreme deserts such as Cornwallis Island and Devon Island in the Canadian high Arctic. The community itself is the hypolithon.
Hypolithons are protected from harsh ultraviolet radiation and wind scouring by their rock, which can also trap moisture. The rocks are generally translucent to allow for the penetration of light.

A lithoautotroph is a microbe which derives energy from reduced compounds of mineral origin. They may also be referred to as chemolithoautotrophs, a type of lithotrophs, reflecting their autotrophic metabolic pathways. Lithoautotrophs are exclusively microbes; macrofauna do not possess the capability to utilize mineral sources of energy.

An oligotroph is an organism that can live in a very low carbon concentration, less than one part per million. They may be contrasted with copiotrophs, which prefer environments rich in carbon. Most oligotrophs are bacteria, though archaean oligotrophs also exist. Oligotrophs are characterized by slow growth, low rates of metabolism, and generally low population density. Low-carbon environments are ubiquitous; oligotrophs may be found a wide range of environments including in deep oceanic sediments, caves, glacial and polar ice, deep subsurface soil, aquifers, and ocean water.

Osmophillic organisms are extremophiles that are able to grow in environments with a high sugar concentration. Osmophiles are similar to halophillic (salt-loving) organisms because a critical aspect of both types of environment is their low water activity.

A piezophile is an organism which thrives at high pressures, such as deep sea bacteria or archaea.
The high pressures experienced by organisms in deep-sea trenches, for example, can cause the normally fluid cell membrane of these organisms to become waxy and relatively impermeable to nutrients. Evolution has forced these organisms to adapt in novel ways to become tolerant of these pressures in order to colonize deep sea habitats.

A polyextremophile (to like several extremes in more-or-less Greek) is an organism which combines several extremophilic features. For example, a polyextremophile living at the summit of a mountain in the Atacama Desert might be a radioresistant xerophiler, a psychrophile, and an oligotroph.

Psychrophiles or Cryophiles (adj. cryophilic) are extremophilic organisms that are capable of growth and reproduction in cold temperatures. They can be contrasted with thermophiles, which thrive at unusually hot temperatures. The environments they inhabit are ubiquitous on Earth, as a large fraction of our planetary surface experiences temperatures lower than 15°C. They are present in alpine and arctic soils, high-latitude and deep ocean waters, arctic ice, glaciers, and snowfields. They are of particular interest to astrobiology, the field dedicated to the formulation of theory about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Radioresistance is the property of organisms which are capable of living in environments with very high levels of ionizing radiation.
Radioresistance is surprisingly high in many organisms, in contrast to previously held views. For example, the study of environment, animals and plants around the Chernobyl accident area has revealed an unexpected survival of many species, despite the high radiation levels. A Brazilian study in a hill in the state of Minas Gerais which has high natural radiation levels from uranium deposits, has also shown many radioresistant insects, worms and plants. To have a comparison, if a human can survive 5 units of radiation, these extremophiles can survive 15000 units of radiation.
Radiation can also help some plants to become more adapted to their environment by increasing the growth rate of the seeds. This helps them germinate faster.

A thermophile is an organism – a type of extremophile – which thrives at relatively high temperatures, above 45 °C. Many thermophiles are archaea.

Xerophiles are extremophilic organisms that can grow and reproduce in conditions with a low availability of water, also known as water activity. Water activity (aw) is a measure of the amount of water within a substrate that an organism can use to support growth. Xerophiles are often said to be "xerotolerant", meaning tolerant of dry conditions. They can survive in environments with water activity below 0.8. Endoliths and halophiles are often xerotolerant.

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