Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Free masonry

Free masonry is a brotherhood, which believes in one supreme god. This society is supposed to be a secret society, but there are many people on net who think that they know more than what 95% of the freemasons know about there own society. According to some this society is involved in blasphemy and Satan worship, and they control the international government activities. And they are highly active in US government.

So lets see what this society has supposedly done to American government and its symbology. Definition of freemasonry and its working…

  • Free masonry is a religion which is dedicated to Lucifer(Satan or the fallen angel of Christianity).
  • There are two types of freemasons
  • Type1: this kind does not know anything about the actual intentions of freemasons and are dummies, they are themselves misled by the elite freemasons, type 1 comprise the 95% of the fraternity.
  • Type2: this type of free masons are called the Elite free masons, they have dedicated their lives to luciferism (Satan worshipping) and their intentions are to control the world and bring the new world order(the whole world under one government).
  • From this it is obvious that our free masonry has a
    fraternity within a fraternity
    as said by Manly.P.Hall.
  • The reason for the existence of the type 1 masons are to mislead the common public. And the free masonry is moving to wards the new world order as dreamt by the masters of freemasonry.
  • So if some free mason says that freemasonry is not satanic, then he might belong to any of the two type, he really be innocent or he may be pretending to be of the type one.
  • Free masons use symbols to show their supremacy.
  • They control America and the world.
  • No matter who comes to power, the freemasons rule the world.
  • They have complete control on media.
  • The cartoon series and Disney are most important part of their grand plan for new world order(they are spoiling the kids…)
  • Number 11,13,33,69,666, are important for them.
  • They have negotiations with alien(Extra terrestrial) communities and they have frequent visitors.
  • Since they are masons they show their symbols mainly through architecture.
  • Freemasons are occult masters.
  • Any one who is rich or famous is either one of them or is the Satan himself.
  • Freemasons are infiltrated by illuminati.

We will see about the symbology and why these theories have come out….
Till then..
Take care,
Blessed be.

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