Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Truth about Freemasonry

Last five of my posts were about the conspiracy the freemasonry is shrouded with. Finally I am going to end this series on freemasonry. For all those who believed everything in the last five posts, these are theories and not all are true…

And there are many things that could be shared like the architecture of the masons and symbols in the Masonic lodges and the rituals, they are interesting, but certain things are meant to be a secret and getting into too much of details will be an unwanted wastage of energy.

Now the actual story of the freemasons as recorded officially and not the conspiracies.

The origin of the freemasonry is a topic of debate and hasn’t been agreed on a particular period. The masonry is present from the period from 14th century but they are not organized and the members were actual masons. The masons in those days were considered masters of their craft and they held secret meetings. To become a mason(professional) they have to enter the elite club and go through some rituals(some are still used) and then work as an Apprentice and then after some experience they were initiated as a Fellow mason, then a Master mason. Later due to political problems many aristocrats started meeting with their fellow men who shared the same ideals in the same manner and started similar rituals.

The reason for the rituals in the masonry is to safe guard the secrecy of the secret meetings that have been conducted against the government and they called themselves masons because they thought they will build a new world. So they considered themselves to be architect of the new world. The follower of the architect of the universe(remember the Architect in Matrix).

The first organized grand lodge was founded on 24th June 1717. This is the reason why many believe that the freemasonry was originated in the year 1717. there were few lodges before this grand lodges and were called ‘Ancients’ and the lodges shooting off from the GLE were called ‘Moderns’ but later they combined in 1813. The lodges were already fully functional in Scotland and England then after the American revolution independent lodges were formed in US.

The lineage of the occultic secret society was even older, the ancient mystery religions gave birth to kabalism and then came the Gnosticism followed by Knights templars and Rosicrucians which finally led to Freemasonry.

The freemasonry and illuminati which usually considered same are actually not, the period of origination is same but they are two different societies. And there are many groups who call themselves illuminati, so it is not clear which illuminati they are talking about, but most of the time it is the Bavarian illuminati. The conspiracy theorists believe that the higher echelon in the Freemasonry is illuminati but there is no proof for this theory. The freemasonry’s basic requirement is to have faith in one supreme being and the illuminati is about atheism(not verified).

It was once proposed that all the lodges to be brought under the control of the grandmaster ship of George Washington but this was not implemented. And even now most of the grand lodges function independently. So the concept of the grand plans for the world is not possible for most of the masons don’t even meet the masons from other lodges.

The masonry is basically active for helping others and help the brothers understand the higher self and reach the ultimate goal of humanity (to achieve perfection). The freemasons are famous for their donations and they are really philanthropic. They donate $2 million each and every day. They run many schools and hospitals for the good of the people. Many people don’t give this positive messages about the freemasons but only spread informations which are rumored.

So now the questions arise, if the freemasons are so good then how come they have so many accusations?

The answer lies in the hoax created in 19th century by the hoaxster named Leo Taxil. This person was famous for writing against the pope and wrote some Sado masochistic books accusing the catholic leaders of hedonistic acts. He stated about a Diana Vaughan who was the one who supposedly revealed the devil worshipping in the freemasonry. But he never brought her to public and at last he agreed that the whole thing was an hoax and their never was a person named Diana who revealed anything about the devil worshipping. Actually Diana was a typist in his office who allowed him to use her name for his work. Later he created another hoax city under Lake Geneva.

And the present day conspiracy theorists still follow the same symbols and accusations.

So relax and remain calm the freemasons are not going to take over the world, or bring the New world order.

Blessed be

Monday, January 28, 2008

Freemason illuminati control over the corporate world-Episode 5

As I have said before, many people believe that the whole world is being controlled by illuminati freemasons.

The following article provides some proofs for the influence of the illuminati freemasons on the corporate world.

The symbol of the illuminati and the New world order is the All seeing eye, the church considers this to be the Evil eye. And the other symbol is the pyramid, and the combination of these two symbols. Many companies use this as their logo and use occult number to show their allegiance.

The freemasons call this eye as the eye of providence while many group has given this their own name like the eye of hours, all seeing eye, evil eye..etc.

The origin is still a debated topic, most scholars believe that the all seeing eye has its origin in the Egypt with the myth of Horus. We shall see to that in some other post. Today it is about symbols in corporate logos. So whenever someone sees a triangle or eye with illumination from behind they suppose it to be a Masonic organization or being controlled by the illuminati.

I am not including the pics from the one dollar bill, assuming that you would have read my previous post on one dollar bill.

The All-Seeing Eye of the Total Information Awareness Office

this was used by DARPA previously but due to many accusations they changed it….

DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(of America).

LUCIS trust which was previously called lucifer’s trust was also one of the accused. They have many so called occultists, theosophists working for them. Does this symbolizes the luciferian light of illumination.

Crop circles resembles an eye… is this alien in origin? Or they trying to bring the new world order?

CBS eyes which became the American icon was introduced by the CBS in 1951, they have one of the strongest presence in American TV. They are the ones showing “big brother” this show directly violates the privacy of the people involved with their own permission. this is one of the most popular symbol influenced by the illuminats. Look at the resemblance it has with the eye in a triangle.

British intelligence MI-5 patch. Look at the triangle and an eye at the top of the triangle..

Columbia pictures, this shows the goddess with the light of the brotherhood. Goddess showing the way to the new world order(?)

Fidelity-do I have to say anything??

National press club (American) symbolism, look at the owl, it is a representation of the goddess Athena worshipped by the brotherhood. Didn’t I tell you about the owl in the in the Washington DC layout and the one dollar bill.

The Capstone at the Denver airport. Look at the freemason’s square and compass. And the airport is referred to as the new world airport… now how clearer can it be…??

NASA mission patches.. look at the symbols used, triangle, pentacle, circle , eye.. all of them are occultic…

The winged disc is an ancient symbol from Egypt representing the sun god and has a great meaning to the occult… and is also worshipped by Babylonian brotherhood.

Chrysler’s wings…

Rosicrucian order, another secret society…..

Ouroborus is an ancient mystical symbol which represents reincarnation, cycles of life and death.

Can u see the ouroborus??

This too seem to have one ouroborus..(if u want to see..)

Illuminati online. The ‘I’ in the pyramid is the substitution for ‘eye’.

Symbol of OTO (ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS) another society with many dark stories.

The FEMA banner behind, note the horns and the triangle.

The incredibles, look at the ‘I’….

Here is the image of the Washington(one of the founding fathers of America and a freemason) and also the image of the Baphomet. What do u see..??

There have been some symbols which are too erotic and subliminal for a blog which is read by many. So I cannot publish those images, however there are many other sites providing them, you can try it there….

So the work on the freemason is going to end very soon. Will come back with some more interesting things.