Monday, February 15, 2010

Twisted thoughts

Few years back I started reading a book, don’t exactly remember the name of the book or the author, but it starts with a guy who goes to this wierd place where someone (something) talks to him. The whole beauty of the book lies in the perception, I admired the perception and deeply moved by it.

People believe that Matrix(movie) is a nice and innovative perception, or is it...? We all have questions like that in our mind, When I was in my school, I too used to think that if everything is electrical signal, then what we see is not necessarily what it is. It is just our perception, One of my childhood question(And still ponders me) is what is red to me might not be the red to my friend, he would see a green color for red, and still he will call it red and no one is right or wrong. How will I ever come to know...?

I had a friend who asked his parents that if they can know what he thinks and got grounded, we all have this question when we are young. When we do something wrong we think that our parents can just know what we are thinking or some people might know what we are thinking (obviously at a very young age). I also used to think that the world as such might be some one’s dream, or may be our own dream and sometimes wish that this dream should end immediately. As I grew up, with the knowledge (not exactly mastery) of Quantum physics and thermodynamics and working of the universe, my mind played the same dice.

There are theories which says that every possibility creates a universe with each universe having one of those possibilities, like if there were a possibility of me proposing a girl this valentine was 30% (actual possibility is almost negligible though and this law is still applicable) that would still create a universe where I will be proposing a girl. Again this universe will create infinite number of universes with the possibilities like the way of proposal or the girl I propose or the reaction of the girl etc. Now no one can verify this theory experimentally(correct me if they have verified) because no information can be transferred from one universe to the other. The chances of me being a murderer is low, but still the chance is there... so theoretically in some universe I am a murderer.

Infact there is also a possibility that our universe has just been created a few minutes ago(hours after writing this post) and everything just come into the present form in atomic level. And our brains are so formed that we think that we have experienced so many years, but it may not be necessarily true. How will you know that what you think you have experienced is not actually been experienced but materialised in your brain. Isn’t this the basic concept of the movie MATRIX.

Coming to the perception of book’s author I was talking about, He says that in the wierd place our character goes, there are no names. The reason being, when we give a name to things we are limiting it. When we call a chair, a chair, we are limiting it in our universe. It lives as a chair whereas without a name it just has the infinite possibility of being anything without actually being any of those things. Identity limits our existence. We are humans and are restricted to be humans, whereas without identity we are... just are.... we just exist. On similar notes I feel that when we give names to emotions we are reducing its intensity, when we love someone or something and use the word love for that emotion, we restrict the scope of the emotion. If you feel bad about something and you say that you are angry you have reduced the intensity of the emotion, you are just angry a feeling which everyone gets its not your personal emotion. We all know that not two depressed people will feel that their level of depression is same, then why the same word depression for that state.

So from where did this concept come, this is the concept of god for me. People ask me if I am an atheist or theist. I am neither that nor this(not even agnostic) (neti-neti). I don’t want to be branded I just want to be beyond this classification because I don’t come under any of this classification. If at all there is something(it can just be the intention itself) which created the universe, then it should not be named, and if we are naming it, we are degrading it and bringing it to our level of understanding, which most probably is wrong. For instance which ever thing created the universe cannot be good, because it is the same thing which created evil.