Thursday, September 6, 2007

ETs and why they are not what u think they are

Hello people,
Im back after a long time..
Today I felt, I should discuss about UFO’S, however, if you have read my previous blog on Extremophiles and ET, the you would know that I believe in that if at all there are ETs Then they could only be something like these extremophiles. If you haven’t read it read it here…

let us ask some questions..

1. why is that there is no solid proof for the existence of aliens?

2. why is there no clear photo of aliens?

3. why all the aliens look like the same ugly green people shown in some movies?

4. if they all belong to the same planet, then they should have similar saucers, but we have different types of saucers visiting our planet

5. there is no proof of existence of intelligent beings on any of the planet of our solar system, then where they come from?

6. if they can bend time and space, then why they come to our planet?

7. how do you think, we can communicate?

8. why should they communicate to us?

9. effect of gravity on these ETs?

10.Solar rays and its effects.?

11.effect of atmosphere?

Will come up soon with some probable answer and explaining why they cannot be the answer…

Blessed be…

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