Friday, February 8, 2008

Global consciousness project

This topic was suggested to me by one of my online friends. When I heard about this project I was really astonished, I mean I know the theory behind this but do the mainstream scientist believes this and experimenting on this?

Whether you believe in paranormal things and parapsychology or not there are certain things which are beyond rational explanation. Have you ever felt that you are being watched or when the phone rings you know subconsciously who is on the other side?

Many a times it happens and surely we think that this is our intuitive powers, yes most people believe that they have had ESP (extra sensory perception).

So what is this global consciousness project, the root of this project lies in the theory that all of our mind or our consciousness is connected and forms the super consciousness. This takes its basics from ancient religion where every soul(consciousness) is a part of the Gaia(the spirit of mother Earth). From the above definition it means that our planet holds something called as superconsioussness… and all the minds in this planet are related to each other.

So when an event occurs at one place it should affect the outcome of a completely unrelated event (this sounds like the quantum entanglement, if time permits will surely dedicate one post for that theory). To test EGG theory around hundred scientists and engineers have come together and created this project.

Since everything in this world is related they believe that a focused or intentional desire to change the outcome of an event can surely have measurable impact on the outcome. Our scientists placed around 65 REG(random event generators) all over the globe including places like US, Europe, Brazil, India, Australia etc.. and study the outcome of the REG’s around a point of time when a major event has occurred.

What is an REG?

Random event generator as the name suggests is a machine which creates an output which is theoretically random and cannot be controlled by humans physically. For example imagine a coin tossing machine, the output is either a head or tail and this cannot be controlled by the machine. The output of this machine is either a 1 or 0.

The EGG project, the other name of it, has all the REG’s connected to a main server through the internet and the outputs are logged in a server. The EGG stands for Electro Gaia gram. In simple terms this network of system measures the effect of (global) consciousness on physical systems.

This project is believed to be a success now, because the scientists have found a sure deviation in the outputs during a global event like the 9/11 or the funeral of princess Diana. To explain how the global event could affect the physical outcome let us take an example. Every person on earth would have different types of mindset at any given point of time based on the individual events happening to them, but when a global event happens it temporarily changes the mood of every person(whoever knows about the news) on this planet. For example exactly after the 9/11 incident surely most of the world population would have had similar feelings for the people who died in the tragic act, so now the whole consciousness has similar mindset and it now acts as a laser or some focused beam. This finally affects the mood of Gaia (or the universal consciousness) so the outcome of the REG’s seem to have a kind of coincidences which are considered to happen only once in every thousand attempts.. this surely is a good proof for the theory.

There are people who question the method followed for testing this theory, because according to them there is no time standard set for calculating the deviation, so the outcome may be biased.

However the good thing is that the mainstream scientific community has shown some interest in topics which were considered fringe science.

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