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Mahabharath is the world’s longest epic poetry ever conceived. This is one epic which covers so many characters and so much of geographical extent. We(Indians) can in one way or the other relate to some place, clan or tribe mentioned in mahabharath. This epic had mentioned every tribe which existed during the period(in and around india). It is not only a complex book, but I believe it would require superhuman capacity to imagine(if u think its a myth)and conceive a story of this grandeur. This epic talks about everything that is of dwapar yug.

Dronacharya was one of the most respected gurus of India, He is considered as partial incarnation(Anshavatar) of Brihaspathi(Teacher of gods). He was born to Bharadwaj muni. His birth itself is a very interesting story.

Once Bharadwaj muni went to take bath in Ganga as part of a ritual and there he laid eyes on the apsara Ghritachi, The apsara was coming out of the river after bath and her attire disoriented. Bharadwaj muni had a burning desire which he overcame but his vital fluid came out. He took this in a vessel (Droona = vessel) and out of which came Dronacharya (This accounts for the world’s first test tube baby, In vitro fertilization and Earliest incubator J). Dronacharya grew up at his father’s place learning all the martial arts, military arts and religion along with the Drupada, son of Panchala king.

Drupada will later father Draupadi(she was also called as panchali because she was from panchala) whom the pandavas married. During this time (and even long time after this) Dronacharya was stricken by poverty, Drupada promises him that when he will become the king, he would give half of his kingdom to Dronacharya. Years went by Drona got married to kripi, sister of Kripacharya and fathered a child with her. The child was named Ashwaththama, he is one of the immortals from Indian legends. After having a family Drona does not wanted to let his family suffer poverty so he went to Drupada his childhood friend and asked for some help. Drupada instead of helping him, insulted him and sent him back. Drupada argued that friendship can exist between people of equal status and they were equal when they were kids, but now he has become a king and Drona is a Brahmin who lives on alms. Drupada even said he would probably help if Drona had begged for help rather than claimed his right. This planted a seed of vengeance in the heart of Drona, he did not return to his wife after this, it appears that they met after Drona took his revenge.

Drona once saw a bunch of kids standing near a well and looking into it. Drona inquired if everything was fine, for that the eldest of them said that their ball has fallen into the well. These kids were the princes of Hastinapur, the Kauravas and Pandavas. Drona here remarks that if you princes cannot save a ball, how would save the planet? Drona asks the kids to get grass blades, using one of these grass blades as spear Drona hits the ball and it sticks to it, then he throws another one, this one attaches itself to the previous grass. Thus he made a chain of grass blades and gently pulled the ball out. Impressed by this feat, Arjuna and other kids narrate this story to Bhishma, great grandfather of these kids. On hearing this Bhishma immediately realizes that it must be Drona. He meets him and asks him to become the guru of the princes . Later Dronacharya sets up his gurukul, this gurukul expanded and numerous princes came here for his teaching. This later formed the village called Gurugram(village of the guru) which is now the present day city of Gurgaon.

Dronacharya as a guru was great, he taught the arts of military to all the princes and his son Ashwaththama, but Dronacharya is accused of favouritism, His favourite was Arjun and to make him the world’s best archer, he has done many things which would be considered unethical. Eklavya was a tribal kid who wanted to learn archery, he comes to Drona for that, but Drona rejects it saying that he cannot teach him along with Kshatriya kids, since he was of lower varna(caste). Drona anyways granted Eklavya a boon, by which whenever he meditates on Drona, he will receive a divine astra(weapon). Eklavya makes an idol of Drona and meditates on it and learns Archery and masters it soon. Once when Eklavya was meditating a dog came barking and disturbed him, seeing this he shot a bunch of arrows into the mouth of the dog without harming it. Arjuna and others saw this marvellous feat of having a dogs mouth filled with arrows without hurting it, they immediately found out Eklavya and took him to Drona. Drona who wanted to make Arjun the greatest archer and did not like Eklavya professing in the skill. He asked Eklavya his right thumb as his Guru-Dakshina. Eklavya gave his thumb knowing that he will never be able to use his bow and arrow.

Drona also denied to mentor Karna on similar grounds of Caste. Karna enraged by this learns Weaponry from Parasuram and developed a hatred for Arjun. There are many instances where Drona has shown favouritism, to Arjuna or Ashwathama. It becomes clear that Drona likes Arjuna more when he teaches how to invoke and revoke Brahmastra to Arjuna and only invoking to Ashwathama, since he thought if Ashwathama knew both he might use it unnecessarily. Arjuna was also given the knowledge of Devastras which no other princes ever received.Arjuna also received the Brahmasira, a weapon more powerful than Brahmastra.

After mentoring Kauravs and pandavs, Drona sends Kauravs and his army to get him Drupada, but they fail, then he sends Pandavs, who inspite of being 5 successfully get Drupada, Drona takes his half share of the kingdom and forgives Drupada for his misdeeds. Drupada later gives birth to a son Drishtadyumna, who would kill Dronacharya in the kurukshetra war and a daughter who would marry the pandavas.

Drona was a great warrior and good teacher but surely cannot be said as the most honest of all. Though he likes Pandavas he had to take the sides of Kauravas since the kingdom has given him his occupation and fed him in his difficult days(This I guess is one of the most ethical thing done in Mahabharath). In the war of kurukshetra, Dronacharya took command of the Kauravas after Bhishma. Drona, never would have wanted to fight with his favourite disciple, but situations took interesting turns and he had to confront Arjuna.Drona In the war devices a plan to form the Chakravyuha and attack the Pandava army. Chakravyuha is one of the war formation, its a pattern in which the soldiers march and fight, to defeat any army which follows a vyuha(form) it becomes important to break the formation or they literally become invincible. Dronacharya knowing that only Krishna and Arjuna knew how to break in the formation asks samshaptaka army lead Krishna and arjuna into another part of war easing the way for Kuru army to march with their chakravyuha. Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna also knows how to break in the Chakravyuha, but he does not know how to come out of it. He has learned this from his father. Drona was not aware of this and did not expect a 16 yr old to try to break in the Chakravyuha. Drona initially miscalculates the prowess of the kid, but Abhimanyu manages to break into the vyuha, even when his companions were held out of the Vyuha by Jayadratha and kills tens of thousands of soldiers single handedly.

Drona was amazed and frightened by the courage of Abhimanyu, asks Karna, Dushassana and others to attack Abhimanyu simultaneously. Abhimanyu loses his chariot, then he fights with a chariot wheel later he loses the wheel and finally got killed by the Kauravas, who killed him by attacking him from seven sides simultaneously. This was probably the First major violation of rules of war in the whole history of Hindu warfare. The war of rules(it can vary for each war and is mostly decided upon before the war by both the sides) states that no warrior should be attacked by more than one person at any point, not at all be attacked if he is not in the chariot and does not have a proper weapon. Drona becomes the reason for one of the biggest war rule violation, This is actually seen as the arrival of Kaliyug on earth.

The next day in the war, Arjuna vows to kill Jayadrath(whom he thinks as responsible for Abhimanyu’s death). Drona places Jayadratha far away from arjuna in the war and has a very strong army literally guarding jayadratha. Drona tries to stop arjuna, but as advised by Krishna, Arjuna avoids the fight with Drona, he just marches towards Jayadratha for which Drona follows arjuna and tries to stop him but fails. Later on the 15th day of the war, Dronacharya becomes unstoppable, he took to more of unrighteous path. For instance, He started using Brahmastra against common soldiers, The brahmastra is supposed to be used only with an equal opponent. He killed about 20000 soldiers using brahmastra. He already had started fighting in the night which was also against the rules of war. On this fateful day, Krishna knew that it is very important to kill Dronacharya, for that he has to lay his weapon, so krishna comes with a plan. Bhima killed an elephant named Ashwaththama and announces it loudly. Drona could not believe that his son has died, so to confirm this, he asks Yudhisthir if it is true, for this Yudhistir says : "Ashwatthama hathaha iti, narova kunjarova" wich means “Ashwaththama is dead, Elephant not man”, while saying the second half of the statement yudhistir lowered his voice and knowing that yudhistir will not lie, Krishna blew his Conch and the second half was not heard by Drona. Drona was hurt and could not believe that Ashwaththama is dead, he lays his weapon. Drishtadyumna was already looking for an opportunity to slay Drona and uses this and kills him.


Archer's adv said...

Good work! I am impressed with your knowledge

Anonymous said...

u r so wrong. True gurus and people who actually understood Mahabharata will curse u for painting a sacred guru wrong. I am sure u have not read a single word of mahabharata urself, let alone understanding it. Please dont repeat the 'gora's' interpretation of our history,use ur brain or seek knowledge from learned people. What do u know about Mahabharata, that u have not read or copied from other blogs? Please shut up rather than posting rubbish.

Pankaj kumar yadav said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your comment...
but can you clarify where I degraded Dronacharya or Mahabharath??

If you feel that I have not read Mahabharath, please tell me where I am wrong, may be Ill correct myself.

tupbebek said...

was an article I liked. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Many people have misunderstood completely Dronacharya's act of asking Eklavya his GuruDakshina. It is not only for the sake of making Arjun the Greatest archer that Dronacharya asked that GuruDakshina. Eklavya belonged to a rival state of Hastinapur and as the Martial and Military Guru of Hastinapur, Drona regarded this act as one of treachery. Imagine a spy from an anti-American clan learning all the American warfare secret techniques, technologies and strategies. According to the Law of Hastinapur then, Eklavya could have faced death penalty. Drona was rather generous to him by asking only his thumb because of his discipline and hardwork as a student.

Pankaj kumar yadav said...

Is this a reason for not teaching...?? A guru's duty is to teach... not to discriminate...

And Eklavya belonged to a tribe which cannot exactly be said that they were against the hastinapur kingdom and why should a kingdom fear a tribe..??

Eklavya's tribe was fighting alongside of Kauravas can be read as alongside of Hastinapur kingdom. Though the relations of the tribe with the kingdom seemed to change at different times, there is no clear reference of that being a reason.

Eklavya belonged to Nishada tribe, he is Krishna's Uncle's grandson. he was killed by Krishna.
The version which says that the laws at that time were stricter has no credit other than wikipedia(which I do not consider as a credible source).

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,

You are bullshit man..u don't know our epic..Don't comment this type of nonsense comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pankaj kumar...

You are right man...

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Unknown said...

Here is an article written in the early part of last century by the stalwart acarya of the Brahma-Madhva Gaudiya sampradaya (disciplic succession), Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Prabhupada, regarding the devotional understanding of Ekalavya's actual standing. While Ekalavya's accomplishments achieve worldly admiration, this perspective of an acarya in the line of pure bhakti sheds enlightenment from the perspective of shuddha-bhakti ...


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Anand said...

Drona didn't lay down his weapon. His weapons exhausted after a long battle. Getting this opportunity Dristidyumna beheaded him. Drona withdrawing from the battle and performing yoga is just an interpolation in Mahabharata to glorify him.

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Steven said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi pankaj, karna didnt enter war right til bhisma and drona death

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Dronachaya, a brahmin, learnt art of war and martial arts and also participated in battle, which is usually a kshatriya's job

Vinoo said...

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Yanamandra Laxmi Narasimha Rao said...

Arjun and Eklavya - Decide for yourself.

Cheating ! Partiality! Caste discrimination! Injustice! Exploitation!
These are the standard reactions of general public to Eklavya's thumb cutting incident. Bred on TV serials and Amar Chitra Katha comics, most don't even bother to understand the story behind the story.

1] WHAT IF ... India's Army commander trained a Pakistani soldier? Would you applaud and award him - or call him a traitor living off Indian salary?

Dronacharya was living on Hastinapur's salary. His loyalty lay towards Hastinapur.
Eklavya was Nishadha prince, son of Hiranyadhanus. His father served under Jarasandha, king of Magadha.
Training Eklavya would be equivalent to training Hastinapur's enemy Magadha.

In this context, why should Drona accept Eklavya as student at all? Drona's decision stemmed from loyalty, duty and gratitude to Hastinapur. Where does 'caste' come into the picture?

2] Eklavyas's future life - and death.

Did Eklavya's archery career end with his right thumb? No, he continued to be a warrior in Jarasandh's Magadha army.
He continued to support Jarasandh's military campaigns, in spite of knowing Magadha's evil intention to sacrifice imprisoned kings. He was party to the constant attacks on Mathura & Dwarka. He was killed finally at Krishn's hands during one such Dwarka attack.

Skill alone is not proof of goodness. Using a skill for noble or ignoble work decides its outcome.
Soldiers & commandoes are precise marksmen ... so are terrorists & gangsters. Do all 3 carry the same weightage and respect in your heart?

3] A step ahead of adversity.
Vyas does not elaborate on what stimulated Arjun to become Savyasachi - the ambidextrous archer.

But remember that Arjun used Varuna-astra to fill his water pot while Acharya tried to delay him from gaining more knowledge than Ashwatthama. Arjun learnt sonic archery in spite of Drona's plan to prevent him from training in it.
Why wouldn't Eklavya's thumb be a reminder to Arjun that Drona could demand a similar Guru dakshina for Ashwatthama's sake?
Just as in above mentioned incidents, Arjun probably foresaw Drona's motives - and self trained himself to become Savyasachi.

Adversity can and did strike Eklavya. But the story never began or ended there. To center his story around 'casteism' is to miss the whole point of the story - and to make 'bad luck' the deciding factor in your destiny.

Caste was not a motivating factor for Drona. His act came from servile loyalty towards Hastinapur. {So blindly loyal, in fact, that Drona played a pivotal role in the brutal killing of Arjun's son Abhimanyu!)

And it is once again Arjun, whose self training shows us how to leap over misfortune, how to triumph over self-pity and how to pave your own pathway out of adverse situations.

Decide if you would rather moan over fate - or soar over destiny towards self achievement. Choose your idol with open eyes & open mind.

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