Sunday, November 2, 2008

Electronic voice phenomenon

Electonic Voice phenomenon is one of the most intriguing concept which supports the existenc e of supernatural beings. It is believed that the spirits or ghosts tries to contact us and the most viable way is Technology. That is they are trying to communicate to us through the Electronic media.

The idea has been popularised in the media by the movie white noise, but it has been under scanner for more than a century now. The idea came along with the technology to do it. Once thomas alva edison agreed that it is highly likely that the spirits would try to communicate through these electronic devices than table tipping and ouija board, if at all they try to communicate. However it is not clear that if he had ever supported or tried to do any work on these concepts. However lots of research has been going on in this particularly interesting topic, many small groups of people and many psychic organisations and teams have made recordings, which they believe is the voice from the other side.

The internet world itself is flooded with such websites, which say that they have EVP recordings. Most of the time the recording is of a single word or phrase and most of the recordings are done at haunted sites. The whole procedure requires only a recorder and a memory device, the most handy would be a IPOD or similar device withrecording service and this device is now more popular with the new generations of EVP enthusiasts. However the success rate is very less, to get a good EVP it may take many hours of continuous recording and listening to them to get the hidden messages(?)

The main explanationfor the phenomenonis the existence of spirits. The other explanations include the interference of geo magnetic field with the Electronic circuit. Statics from the radio and TV channels. However this does not demotivate the many psychics who work with EVPs.

The best way to do the experiment is to get a RF interference free room and start the recording. The EVPs are generally classed as Class A, Class B, Class C. Class A are the ones which humans can hear using speakers and most people will agree to what has been said by the voice, the Class B Voices ar those, which can be heard on Speakers but not all will agree to whathas been said by the voice. The third class of voices include the ones which can be heard only on Headphones and cannot be identified. And almost all the recordings has to be edited to get any meaningful sound from them. Most of the sites claim that they only do Noise reduction in these editing sessions.

There is no well defined mark which defines what comes under EVP and what not because, the scientific community has completed derided the idea of EVP. Most of the researchers are amateurs or novices and self claimed psychics. The argument by the scientific community is also very strong, the skeptics say that most of the recordings are nothing but noises because of the interference of Radio Frequency from electronic circuits. Humans being a pattern finding animals try to relate the noise with some word or phrase and come with an answer. Almost always the spirit speaks in the language that the listener is familiar with, this itself is a good point which questions the veracity of phenomenon.

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