Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Ica stones

In the last post you would have agreed that if the Mythologies (or are they?) are true, then humans have lived on earth well before the days we think they came into existence (of course this view violates Evolution).

Ica is a coastal desert city in Peru, near the famous Nazca lines. During the 1960’s a farmer started collecting stones which had carvings over them, from a near by Cave and started selling it to the tourists. This made him very famous and he was confronted by the Government officials, because of some unknown reasons (may be compulsion by the government), he accepted that the stones were carved by him and were hoaxes.

No one exactly know what happened, was is it really a hoax or there was some truth about the Ica stones. There are more than 14,000 of these stones, and I wonder how he could have managed to carve so many stones…

These stones were etched of continuous line on Andesite, a very hard material, which is difficult to be etched using the primitive tools. Some labs have also authenticated that the incision were indeed ancient. Since they have small amount of varnish on them, it appears that they are really carved in some ancient time, for it if it were carved in the present day, it would have complete varnish, but these varnish seem to have formed because of bacterias and some chemical reaction ,which would take many years to develop. Most of the collection is owned by Dr . Cabrerra, the physician friend of the farmer, who bought most of the stones from him.

Some one got some carved stones from the Caves, so what is the big deal…?? This might be your question, the carved stone we are talking about is very interesting, it questions our understanding of the timeline of humans on earth.

The carving suggests that the stones were carved by people who had a good understanding of the topics like biology, anatomy, social science, etc. there are carvings which shows humans being preyed by the Dinosaurs and humans hunting the dinosaurs. There are also carvings which show cesarean cut section, also working of human heart seems to be carved. One of the stone shows the geographical mass on earth and scientists say that about 13 million years back the earth would have looked just like what have been carved on the stone.

Finally you may propose to do a carbon dating of the stones, the problem here is the carbon dating can be done only on things which have organic (carbon) traces and since this carving is on mineral stones it is not possible to know exactly the age of the stones and the carvings. This Ica stones along with the famous Nazca lines remains a great mystery to be explored and understood. There is a very high chance of the Ica stones being hoax.

Will come up with some more interesting things till then.

Blessed be.

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