Sunday, February 17, 2008

Test your psychic ability

When we talk about Telepathy or for that matter any psychic phenomenon, there comes this question, can we do this? Well there are many methods suggested and available online. You may try them. Here I am going to provide you with one such experiment, which can be done among your friends.


Zener cards were created by Karl Zener to use in ESP experiments. He was working with J.B.Rhine, one of the greatest psychologist. This is a collection of five different shapes on cards. The five symbols are circle, star, waves, cross ,square. The sender (as in telepathy) sends the image of one of this symbols mentally to the receiver. The receiver is supposed to tell which symbol was chosen.

The circle

The cross

The square

The star

The waves

These are the five shapes. Once you are ready to test your or your friend’s psychic ability, save this pictures to your computer, then take print out of them. Make five copies of each symbol. Then paste it on some cards, and now you are ready completely to take the test.

Each of you sit down in such a manner that the receiver(the one who is to receive the ESP signals) shud not be able to see what card the other person is holding. The sender should chose a card from the deck of 25 cards in random and focus on the image and try to send the signals(visualize sending the signals) through ether (or air) to the other person. The other person should listen to what comes to their mind. And most of the time the first thought which comes to mind is the shape chosen.

And in a 25 trial game, 5 correct cards are expected by chance.. the value will be significant if and only if the correct predictions are more than 9 cards.

As ususal, try meditating before trying this experiment. And if you feel that you are biased to the shapes.. do it at some other time… it is not at all necessary to complete the 25 trials all at the same time. So take your own time and test your psychic ability.

And if you are too lazy to do all those things, then of course there is another method to test your psychic ability, try some online test…

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