Wednesday, January 16, 2008

freemasons-NASA under control Episode 3

I am back after a long time, so continuing my research on freemasons and illuminati and their so called world domination agenda this post is the continuation of their conspiracies(as believed by many)

NASA is world’s most respected research organization and like other administrative offices in
America this is also shrouded with conspiracy.

Well the most famous being the moon hoax.. But this article is not about moon hoax but something different or to say something more dramatic more dark and bizarre.

The NASA is believed to be controlled by the illuminati (freemasons) because it is related to science and the history of illuminati is sometimes related to science (but not always).

It is also said that every space mission of Nasa is a hoax well planned and rehearsed and shot at Atomic Energy Division’s Top secret test site in Nevada(Area 51) and some at Walt Disney studios(haven’t I told u that Walt Disney is part of this bigger picture.. we will see that in some other post).

Have you ever noticed the names of the NASA missions?

Apollo----the sun god mostly related to Lucifer.

Apollo 13 (another name “Aquarius”) is filled with symbols and occultism (or at least that is what the conspiracy theorists say…)

Atlantis—the lost world which is what the freemasons are searching or actually want to build one.

Challenger--- this was destroyed in an explosion in 1986(which could have been averted)

Discovery—discovery of Atlantis

Now why was the challenger destroyed…

"A Colombian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis... and all Challengers shall be destroyed."

Now does this makes some sense why the challenger was destroyed even though it could have been saved, or is it just another so called co-incidences?

Now the bold theory goes like this..

Apollo 13 explosion was faked by NASA. A symbolic representation of birth of new age (Aquarius—this sign supposedly brings the new age). The explosion occurred on April 13, 1970. Do I have to remind of the number 13??

However all the space and NASA enthusiast knows what happened on April 13, 1970, let me explain this in brief for those who have no idea of the historical event.

Apollo 13 was sent to the moon, this craft had two modules one of which was to be left on the moon. But before they can reach the moon there was an explosion in one of the oxygen module which led to damages in the second module. At this point they lost most of their resources like water and oxygen. So instead of landing on moon they decided to revolve around the moon, and then left from there without releasing the second module as planned. This added to the weight of the craft while returning. Since they had less power supply they shut all the system after keeping their craft on the track (flights don’t need fuel to return back if they are on the right track). There was a leak in the craft, which actually changed their path but since all the systems on the craft was shut they had no contact with the ground and cannot find their deviation. Later they found the mistake and corrected it and returned home safely. This is really an adrenalin pumping event, I would advice all to read about this historical event.

So now the symbolism of the event. The explosion occurred on the craft by 1:13 (13:13 by railway timing) which referred to the initiation ceremony of the arrival of the Aquarius(new age) by the death(explosion) and then placing in the coffin(a period of uncertainty through which the Apollo was after the explosion) and then communion with the spiritual world and imparting the esoteric knowledge to the candidate( this was done by revolving around the moon without any physical contact with the moon) and after this the candidate is born again(the Apollo 13 was repaired by the crew men in space) and raises up(like the phoenix or the new age) using the lions paw(reentry into the earth’s atmosphere).

13 the number in occult refers to the reincarnation or rebirth after a difficult life. So the whole thing was to represent the coming of the new age through symbolic rituals. Above is the rituals of the freemasons and illuminati. Does this analogy supposedly used by the freemasons or illuminati marks the coming of the new age(“Aquarius age”, this age has come in 2000 AD).

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