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magick, what it is?

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After having the basic knowledge of wiccan religion it becomes a necessity to deal with what witches and wizards really deal with… its magic, most of the wiccans prefer the word for magick for magic, I don’t know the exact reason but what I think personally is this has to do with numerology. If you calculate the number for magic it counts to 2, and for magick its 4, 4 being the partner number of 7 has occultic values. Well this is just a speculation. The Anglo-Saxon k in Magick, like most of Crowley's conceits, is a means of indicating the kind of magic which he performed. K is the eleventh letter of several alphabets, and eleven is the principal number of magick, because it is the number attributed to the Qliphoth - the underworld of demonic and chaotic forces that have to be conquered before magick can be performed. K has other magical implications: it corresponds to the power or shakti aspect of creative energy, for k is the ancient Egyptian khu, the magical power. Specifically, it stands for kteis (vagina), the complement to the wand (or phallus) which is used by the Magician in certain aspects of the Great Work.

If u think magick is just tricks performed on stage, then think again, actual magick does not involve stages and show offs, most real magicians(witches and wizards) don’t even reveal the fact that they are witches, this may be due to fear of out casting. Witches have a really really bad past, millions have been burnt by the so called Christian religious leaders. There are different types of magick a witch can perform based on her personal interest and divination. So we will see the different types of magick.

Basic classification is like
white magick
grey magick
black magick

white magick:
It is the magick which was initiated with a good intention and ends up with fulfilling of the request and with no other side effect or only with good effects.
Eg:- healing spells.

Grey magick:
It is the magick which was initiated with good intentions and has the request fulfilled but the consequences are bad.
Eg:- money spell, love spell.

Black magick:
It is the magick which was initiated with bad intentions and has the request fulfilled with generally bad concequences following.
Eg:- spells used for revenge.

However this was based on the intentions and results, there are other classifications as well…the list given here are of simple magicks that can also be performed bby non wiccans…

candle magick
feather magick
color magick
shell magick
moon phase magick
chaos magick

Most of the witches don’t stick to one type of magick, they use combinations, whichever is best suited for them, some of then uses all of them….

Lets burst the myth

What is magick?
According to wikipedia, Magick, in the broadest sense, is any act designed to cause intentional change. Well this definition lacks a number of things, magick is any act that will cause anintentional change without any direct involvement with the change.

How does Magick works?
That could be the most difficult question, not because I don’t know the answer because I cannot explain it to you. If you come to know about how magick work, you would get astonished by the simplicity of the law and then because of your stubbornness, it may not work for you there after.

Can I do magick”
Yes simple magick spells can be done by anyone.

why does magick works for some and not for others?
There can be many reasons like phase of moon, the colors used, no faith and belief.

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