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Dedication to Wicca

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As I have already mentioned in the previous posts this post is about dedication to wicca..
Before get dedicated, u should understand certain things and be aware of what you going to do….

It is always better to get into the theory, before you jump into practice, this is no game you should be truthful to the “The Goddess and The God”.
Generally, you can easily find wiccans around you, through sites like you can them and learn their way of life. One year of serious research and complete dedication is enough to get into the religion, don’t ever forget the SABBATS, they give you the energy, the purpose and lot more.

To get into wicca officially, you should have some spiritual link with nature,
If you have ever felt an unexplained happiness when you go to places which are close to nature, if you have strong bonds with animals, if you have high intuition, if you can feel the spirits then you are perfectly fit to be a wiccan.

So if you satisfy the above conditions, get into contemplation, a month before you actually get dedicated. Contemplation is to learn everything that could be an aid to your path in the you can learn reiki, pranic healing, runes, feather magick, candle magick, the list goes on…
The dedication should be done on the New Moon, preferably in the night.
You should take a bath before you get the dedication,CLEANLINESS IS should be ready with some new clothes and knife and other things used on the altar.So this bath is not so normal, you have to take a litte salt and some pure oil, and some frankincense, myrhh etc, and take bath leisurely, during this bath, the salt washes away the negative energy from you and the oils make you receptive to positive energy. When you are over with the bath, come out skyclad and burn your old dress and wear a new dress, if necessary. You should have thought of your wiccan name. then you can cast a circle and then invoke elementals( AIR, WATER, EARTH, FIRE) and as soon as you invoke the elementals, you should visualise them around you and then you should visualize a white light formed of the elementals surrounding you and protecting you, after this you will feel a difference in your atmosphere, then call upon your guardian angel and invoke the goddess and the god and ask them to accept you into the path, as a priest or priestess with your wiccan name. Then you can meditate on the elementals and the goddess and the god.
Finally toast the Gods and Guardians saying:Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

Here you had to use some chantings while getting dedicated, you can prepare your own chants, so that they are meaningful to you, and it should praise the GODDESS, GOD, THE ELEMENTALS, and gives you PROTECTION.
There are lots of chants available online you can use one.

1. can I get dedicated?
Yes, anyone can get dedicated, but you have to cleanse yourself from inside out.
You should have clear idea of what you are doing, you just should not get into wicca because your friend has, the consequence can be dangerous.

2. do we need some guide to get dedication?
If you are getting dedicated into wicca and don’t have much to do with witchcraft, then you can get dedicated without a guru, but having one is always advantageous…

3. are there any guidelines to follow?
Well yes, you have to follow the wiccan rede and most important of them all, don’t forget the three fold law And ye harm none, do what ye will.

4. are there any rules for chants?
No, there are no specific rule but one, they should rhyme so as to be effective.

5. what should be there in a chant?
In a ritual, you should have chants to
To praise the elementals, to invoke them, to praise the goddess, to invoke her, to praise the god, and to invoke him, to thank them all, to protect you(during this one you should imagine yourself tobe surrounded with the graceful light from the moon and gaea..

6. what does a chant look like.?
A chant looks like this,

Great Goddess, bright Lady of the awakened soul,
Accept me.........(Your witch-name)as your priest/ess.
At important hour of my life, I dedicate myself in your name, Isis, Aradia, Diana.

O Mother Goddess,
O Father God,
Answers to all mysteries and yet mysteries unanswered;
In this place of power I open myself to Your Essence.
In this place and in this time I am changed;
From hence forth I walk the Paths of the Craft.
I dedicate myself to you, Mother Goddess and Father God.

7. why do we need to burn our old clothes?
The burning of your old clothes are symbolic representation of your burning up your old personality, old bad habits, your fear, your ego, your pride.

After getting dedicated you have to get into inititation and different degrees of initiation.
However I have tried to correct to my knowledge in the above article, it is always possible to commit mistake, if you find anything wrong, you can suggest me. Also give your opinion on this article.
Take care…
Blessed be.

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