Friday, July 20, 2007

Coincidences-the way i feel about them...

Hello people, now you would have convinced that coincidences are really amazing thing to occur….

Now lets get to the science behind coincidences..let us understand that there is nothing certain and nothing is being governed.

According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle(one of my fav theories), that nothing is predictable, the basic idea is no one can say for sure the exact position of an element along with its velocity. This is because when you try to find the position of an element you hit a beam of light on the element and by analyzing the beam you find the speed and position, this beam slows down the speed of element and so u don’t have the exact speed and your calculation of where the element will be after a fraction of second will be wrong.

I don’t know if I was clear about the theory, but I can assure you that the future is unpredictable. So lets get to our coincidences theory, actually in our population of 6000 million(600 crore), there is a great probability for an event to occur, for example
There is a great possibility that 1 million people share the name Bill, and there is a great chance that 90 percent of them have a younger brother, and there again is a great chance that 20 percent of the brothers are married to women with their name starting with ‘R’.and there is also a good chance that atleast 100 of this 20 percent(0.81 million) have their wives name Rachel.
So now Bill being a Christian name we know that they are to live in some specified locations ,like there chances of living in muslims country is less, so most of these Bills will be in the places like US, the coincidence here occurs if they live in the same locality.
And its occurance is also possible, if it does not happen to Bill, it is likely to happen with John, Jack or with anyone…

And now about the most talked 9/11 incident, actually speaking, there is no coincident in occurance of number 11, if you were to calculate the sum of everything involved there you will find all numbers in equal proportion, but to create a coincidence you have to neglect them all….

Most of the coincidences depends on how much time you spend on them, so next you idle pick ur friends name at random and see what you share with them in common and if you know numerology, you will be astonished….

Now my favourite coincidence, this one is predictable.
According to calculations, there is a 50% probability that two person share the same date of birth in a population of 23. So in a population of 46, there is great chance that two people share the same date of birth…
Now one fact, in my class of strength 46, I shared my date of birth with my friend (Franklin Rajesh).
And you share your birth day with 16 million people so it is not coincident find one of that 16 million to be in your locality…

That’s all for today….
Will come up with few more things in the coming posts….

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